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Why outsource your archive migrations?

Massive amounts of data

Many customers will have 50 to 100 times more data in their archive than their email server. Synchronizing the migration of archive data and mailbox data can be very complex. We make it easy.

Broken stubs

If you don’t time your migrations perfectly, “stubs” can be broken during the process, resulting in end users losing access to up to 95% of email data. We'll keep them intact.

Data corruption

Archive systems are known to have high rates of data corruption—up to 10%. If you aren’t an expert in the source archive, you could be blamed for data loss you didn’t cause. But don't fret—we're experts!

BitTitan Archive Migration as a service was exactly what we needed to make our customer’s Enterprise Vault to Office 365 migration a success. They took care of everything, finished the migration faster than we thought possible, and enabled us to deliver an Office 365 implementation with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Ricardo Uribe, Chief Technology Officer, CGNET

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Glossary of Archive Migration Terms

Brush up on industry terms for more meaningful conversations with your customers about archives.

History of Archives Infographic

Get an in-depth look at the evolution of email archive practices and technologies.

Archive Migration Service: Overview

Archive Migration Service: Overview

Archive Migration Service: Chain of Custody

Archive Migration Service: Chain of Custody

Archive Migration Service: Stub Rehydration

Archive Migration Service: Stub Rehydration