Breaking into the Enterprise: 12 TB in Two Days with MigrationWiz

Breaking into the Enterprise: 12 TB in Two Days with MigrationWiz

Nearly 10,000 users. 20 TB of data in total. Two weekends to migrate. Mission: impossible? Not for us, nor for you.

Recently, our Service Engineering team had a unique opportunity: to deliver a large, complicated migration with a tight, unwavering timeframe. The expectation for a complete success was minimal, but in true BitTitan fashion, we huddled, shrugged, declared "here we go,"—and proceeded to hit it out of the park.

The problem:

BitTitan was approached by a partner to migrate 20 TB of data for their enterprise customer. Unfortunately, the work had to be completed over just two weekends—the second of which fell over a national holiday. And, for legal reasons, the deadline was non-negotiable.

Given the circumstances and massive list of 9,500 users, the customer only expected empty mailboxes. Possibly, in a best-case scenario, the last 90 days of email data.

We accepted the challenge.

The solution:

In the first weekend alone, our team moved more than 50% of the data. Two days before the cutover, we had not only delivered on the mailbox migration, but all of the historical data for all users.

Setting the throttling limits for both Source and Destination were instrumental in our success. While lifting these limits can risk the customer's access to their data, we successfully sped up the migration without taking down their production environment. We also established multiple network connections to open more paths into the Destination, and help move the data faster.

MigWizAnother crucial step to the project’s success was writing PowerShell scripts using the MigrationWiz-PowerShell API to help automate the migration in waves. The first stage would attempt to move 30 days of mail data. If there was a success, the mailbox would be placed into the next wave for moving 90 days of data. After that success, the final wave was set to move all historical data. In a sense, PowerShell automation helped to "shepherd" the migration.

Nearing the end of the project, our impressed customer said, "I have appreciated your 'can do' attitude and willingness to jump in when there were issues discovered. When the dust settles, I’ll remember the BitTitan team delivering for a complex and challenging client."

The takeaway:

Simply put: if we can do it, you can too.

Our Service Engineering team validates that our tools and services work at scale. We pave the way for future BitTitan Partners to enter the world of enterprise business with confidence. We proved that a small team can scale their business and handle larger projects with the right solutions—BitTitan solutions—even when the turnaround time seems impossible.

Need support? Call us. We’re not just here to encourage you to tackle bigger deals. We can provide assistance from a technical standpoint, too. We can talk about where you want to take your business—and we can be with you every step of the way.

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