BitTitan SDK and PowerShell Scripting: Tips from the Expert

BitTitan SDK and PowerShell Scripting: Tips from the Expert

One of the most powerful capabilities for enterprise migrations performed with MigrationWiz is the BitTitan SDK. When user numbers rise well into the thousands, even minor configurations or manual tasks quickly become significant barriers to efficiency and eat into project margins. Combining the native capabilities of MigrationWiz with the limitless possibilities of scripting enables a higher level of project customization, reporting, and management.

One person very familiar with the BitTitan SDK is Senior Partner Technical Strategist and Microsoft Certified Solutions Master Antonio Vargas. In his role, Antonio helps partners and IT pros plan and execute some of the largest, most complex projects we see. Antonio also maintains a detailed blog of his own regarding Exchange, Office 365, and Azure best practices.

In this post for Bits & Bytes, we’ve sourced the top "Getting Started" links for our SDK. This includes our Github repository and Antonio’s top posts so you can learn more about these capabilities in MigrationWiz and consider how your organization might use scripting in an upcoming project. You can also learn more by visiting the BitTitan Help Center.


GitHub: BitTitan Community Scripts

We're now publishing some of the top scripts for MigrationWiz in GitHub. Check out some of your options or drop us a line if you have additional requests for scripts. There's a chance we've already written them but not published, or may even be willing to help write new automations based on your project needs.


Connect To Your Account Using the PowerShell Module

Learn what you need to know about connecting the BitTitan PowerShell to your BitTitan account. This is your first step before running the BitTitan scripts and automation.


BitTitan SDK: Value for Enterprise Migration Projects

Antonio’s rationale for when to use scripts is simple: “Can I remove a lot of complexity and execution time if I run this task via PowerShell?”  If the answer is yes, do it! In this post, Antonio introduces readers to the value of the BitTitan SDK and the benefits of PowerShell for managing large enterprise projects.


BitTitan SDK: Retry Individual Errors for All Users in Document Migration Projects

Errors are inevitable. Learn how to automatically retry errors for all users within a project. Hours of repetitive work, saved once again through automation.


BitTitan SDK: Color Code MigrationWiz Project Users

How can you categorize 800 users in a project with 10,000? Instead of dividing users into separate projects, leverage the BitTitan SDK to automatically color code the right users and better manage your project.


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