Migration Discovery Solution - What You Need To Know

Migration Discovery Solution - What You Need To Know

Know What You Need to Know – Before Migrating


IT Service Providers and MSPs choose MigrationWiz for faster, easier migration projects. Still, each migration is unique and dynamics like data volume, varying workloads, and different Source and Destination environments make it important to plan carefully. Having a clear understanding of the variables before, during, and after a migration makes for an even more streamlined project, and that can mean significant savings of both time and money – not to mention happier customers and users.

The discovery phase used to be the part of a migration that was tedious yet critically important. In order to accurately scope a project, an IT team member would have to explore the customer’s environment, manually documenting the size and complexity of data that needed to be moved. Some MSPs and ITSPs have written custom scripts for discovery, but these often require a specific person on the team to run them. On average, the discovery work could take several hours and consume a few days of planning time. The resulting spreadsheet often needed to be explained for the customer to understand.

Even if you have an experienced migration team, project scoping could still involve a bit of guesswork –hoping you’ve identified every workload and potential issue so you can create an accurate estimate of the time and resources necessary to implement the migration.

Now, BitTitan takes the tedium and uncertainty out of migration planning with the Migration Discovery Solution. It’s a library of Voleer assessments that enhance migration planning with clear, actionable reports in a fraction of the time.


Migration assessments in action


Recently we talked to MigrationWiz users who have increased the efficiency and accuracy of their migration planning by using Voleer assessments. They told us how they’re able to more quickly and accurately scope migrations – even complex M&P projects. Customers like it, too, since they can get started with their project sooner and have it completed more accurately. 


MicroAge, a cloud-focused ITSP estimates a 30% savings on the planning and discovery phase of migration projects since they started using Voleer assessments. This savings goes directly to their bottom line now that team members who were previously creating custom scripts or manually collecting data are able to focus on more productive tasks. Migration assessments also greatly enhance the accuracy of their project scoping. Since they don’t have to guess how many MigrationWiz licenses will be needed for a project, there are no budget surprises for their customers.

Learn more about how MicroAge uses Voleer assessments to enhance their migration services here.


Coretek is an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider that handles many types of complex migrations for their clients. They use Voleer assessments for upfront data gathering and project scoping and have experienced significantly increased efficiencies. They also benefit from more complete data to estimate project costs and timing. They’ve found that when they can gather data more quickly and deliver it in a clear, simple report clients can understand, decisions get made faster.

Learn more about how Coretek uses Voleer assessments to enhance their migration services here.


MSPs – Enhance your business with migration assessments


BitTitan Partners are already using Voleer assessments to streamline migration planning and provide better service and information to their customers. The Migration Discovery Solution packages all the tools you need in one place. Here are some ways you can use assessments before, during, and after your next migration to add value to customer relationships:

  • For accurate migration scoping, assessments give a high-level overview of the Source environment and a detailed data breakdown. This helps you budget for the right number of licenses, lay out the project schedule, and accurately allocate resources.
  • Assess the size of workloads in order to lay out a clear timeline and estimate throughput as well as Azure storage needs.
  • Understand each workload to properly plan for data speed and throttling. This way you can mitigate potential issues before you start your migration and eliminate stumbling blocks that could slow the project down.
  • Help customers make decisions about data that should be cleaned up prior to migration, including opportunities to tackle Teams sprawl.
  • Provide clear reports that can support additional conversations about optimizing your customer’s environment once the migration is complete.


All the assessments you need in one subscription


Even though one of our Partners has told us we should be charging more for assessments, our Migration Discovery Solution has so much potential to enhance your migration planning, we’re keeping subscription prices low. You can use a single subscription for all your Microsoft and Google migrations in a 12-month period to:

  • Automatically create a dashboard of key Microsoft 365 metrics and get detailed information on user mailboxes, archives, and PST files.
  • Analyze Teams environments for valuable insights.
  • Assess Microsoft 365 Public Folders structures.
  • Get a clear view of existing SharePoint data and recommend options for clean-up prior to a migration.
  • Generate a comprehensive report on a Google Workspace tenant environment to understand the size and complexity of objects.

Streamlined, automated migration planning is the key to saying ‘yes’ to more customers. The easier it is to answer questions like, “How much will it cost?” and “How long will it take?,” the sooner you can get to work making the migration happen – and making your customer happy.

Find out more about the Migration Discover Solution.


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