MigrationWiz vs. Mailbox Replication Service – Which is Best for Tenant Migrations?

MigrationWiz vs. Mailbox Replication Service – Which is Best for Tenant Migrations?

When you’re planning a migration, it’s not the time to try out different migration tools. In fact, there isn’t really a practical way to test different solutions before you execute your migration in order to figure out which is the best. But it also doesn’t make sense to choose a migration tool based on a single parameter like price or popularity.


At BitTitan, we rely on real-world testing to understand how MigrationWiz stacks up against other migration options. With the recent increase in Microsoft 365 tenant-to-tenant migrations, our technical team decided to perform a side-by-side comparison of MigrationWiz and Exchange Mailbox Replication Service (MRS), Microsoft’s native solution.


Putting top migration tools to the test


In order to create a real-world scenario to test features that weigh in the decision process for choosing a migration tool, we created side-by-side scenarios with roughly 100 mailboxes. The mailboxes were set up with varying inbox sizes, attachment types, item counts, and structure to simulate a realistic business implementation. We ran a full migration using each tool and compared the results. You can read the full white paper for all the details.


With this data in hand, decision makers can evaluate migration tools on attributes that go deeper than reputation, customer reviews, and price. Our test compared MigrationWiz and MRS in categories like prerequisites, user experience, core functionality, performance, differentiating features, limitations, and cost.

Our 30-page white paper includes all the details on our testing, including analysis of the findings, comparison charts, screen shots, and links to additional resources. Our hope is this leads to informed decision making as well as successful migrations – regardless of which tool you decide to use.

Download the white paper today!

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