Planning and Implementing M&A Migrations – Strategies for Success

Planning and Implementing M&A Migrations – Strategies for Success

A well-matched merger or acquisition can be just what your company needs to expand your customer base, add new markets, or drive value through scale and efficiencies. The benefits of a merger or acquisition don’t come from simply changing a brand name or issuing a press release. Full integration allows you to truly leverage business synergies and gain a competitive edge.

In general, the sooner IT systems can be combined following a merger or acquisition, the sooner your enterprise can take advantage of benefits like streamlined business functions, improved communications, enhancing customer service, and collaboration. Such a significant organizational change involves people from every part of the organization.

To reduce risk and assure success in M&A, internal IT must be fully engaged in the complicated and often lengthy process – from initial assessment to planning and implementation. Migrating users and data may seem like something that can be put on the back burner. But with careful planning, the right partners, and the right tools, you can assure that transition happens without disruption.


Making the Move

When you deliver a timely M&A integration, you’re able to reduce uncertainty and allow employees and customers to quickly become part of the company’s future vision. But it has to be handled properly. If you have experience migrating workloads to the cloud or from tenant to tenant, you probably already know how MigrationWiz makes it easy.

If your team doesn't have experience with M&A integrations, you can bring in a partner to help you plan and execute. Getting the right kind of support reduces risk, allowing you to mitigate employee anxiety and celebrate success with fewer glitches. This also allows you to complete the project and move on to your other critical IT projects.


Up-Front Planning and Discovery

At the outset, every merger or acquisition seems like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. There’s no denying it’s a complex endeavor, but the migration can be simplified with thorough up-front planning.

It all begins with discovery. Whether you work directly with the BitTitan Customer Success Team or one of our experienced partners, you’ll start by assessing and scoping the project. This includes understanding where you’re migrating to or from; what you’re migrating; and what won’t be moving. You’ll also want to make sure your plans fit your budget.

Your project may start with a lot of unanswered questions, but this is not new territory for BitTitan. We’re dedicated to making migrations easy, and we’re happy to show you how.


Communication is a Key to Success

Communication is always a critical component of any enterprise IT project. It’s even more so when you’re combining organizations. You’ll be establishing clear responsibilities from the beginning and checking in often to keep everyone on track. Communicating with frequency and honesty helps IT teams on both sides of the equation build a collaborative environment and align strategies for success.

Your communication plan will also involve users. Letting them in on the process and priorities helps decrease uncertainly and increases your chance of a satisfying end result. You may see IT as primarily operating behind the scenes, but a smooth M&A integration also helps maintain employee morale and productivity.


Know What's Going to Go

Migrating as the result of a merger or acquisition isn’t a cookie-cutter process. These migrations are inherently more complicated because of unknowns with systems on both sides.

An early assessment should be made as to what needs to be moved, and when. Even if you’ll be migrating a large volume of data, that doesn’t necessarily equal a slow the migration. However, there may be a reason for leaving some workloads behind.

A potential tactic is to prioritize workloads and migrate in batches. BitTitan offers an assessment tool in Voleer that helps you discover and identify workloads, users, and data before you move. 


M&A Migrations Made Easy

There’s no reason to sugar coat it – executing a merger or acquisition will require a significant chunk of your resources for a period of time. There are a lot of things to consider. The more you can set in motion in the beginning, the easier it will play out in the end. It’s never too early to choose a tool and a partner for your migration.

With MigrationWiz in your toolbox you’ve got a critical portion of your M&A project in the bag. MigrationWiz allows you to migrate from nearly any source to any destination, including G Suite and Microsoft Teams, and consolidate those environments along with users and data into a single IT environment for the combined organizations. 


Pick the Right Partner

IT teams who’ve experienced MigrationWiz rave about how easy and intuitive it is to use. But implementing a high-profile project like an M&A integration warrants a thoughtful approach. Watching budget dollars is important, but there’s also a cost to failure or even partial success.

At BitTitan we often recommend bringing in an experienced partner who knows the ropes and understands the potential pitfalls of a large migration. We can help you find the right partner and we can also be part of your team to provide support. You’ll find that MigrationWiz is more than a tool – we’re a team devoted to your success.


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