Three Scenarios You'll Want to Use the Tenant Migration Bundle

Three Scenarios You'll Want to Use the Tenant Migration Bundle

Tenant Migration Bundle: It May be Just What You Need

Maybe it’s a sign that we’ve been in this migration business for a really long time, but we get pretty excited when one of our favorite license options gets a refresh. Especially when the changes come in response to some helpful feedback from MigrationWiz fans.

Many of you love the new Tenant Migration Bundle (TMB) as much as we do. The new structure of the bundle pairs a Flex Collaboration License with a User Migration Bundle license, simplifying TMB for anyone planning a Microsoft 365 migration. You can dive deeper into the new TMB on this blog post, Introducing the TMB from BitTitan.

The Tenant Migration Bundle has been hard at work keeping up with tenant-to-tenant migrations happening all over the world. The tenant-to-tenant bundle was specifically designed for Microsoft 365 users that wanted to move, consolidate, or divest from one tenant to another. It’s the best way to move multiple workloads including mailboxes, documents, personal archives, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint. With DeploymentPro as part of the package, you can easily automate Outlook configuration post-migration. There are three scenarios where the MigrationWiz Tenant Migration Bundle has proven to be indispensable.

Three Typical Scenarios

A merger, acquisition, or divestiture: These are already complex, high-stakes projects. The migration may be just one component, but you want it to go flawlessly so users don’t have their work disrupted. Your migration strategy needs to be aligned with the corporate re-structuring. This could mean moving all data, or just a portion of mailboxes, files, and Teams between tenants.

Consolidating multiple tenants: It used to make sense for organizations to divide subsidiaries or business units among different tenants. Some organizations just grew up that way. For others, like large universities, it was an intentional strategy to recognize the autonomy of individual departments or locations. The massive scalability of the cloud has changed that thinking. Organizations have found that a single tenant helps them operate more efficiently and collaboratively. The Tenant Migration Bundle can make that happen.

Productivity suite changes: As organizations assess which productivity platform is best for their business needs and how their employees work, they may make the strategic decision to move from one cloud platform to another. This can trigger a migration from Microsoft 365 to Google G Suite or the other way around. The Tenant Migration Bundle is perfect for this kind of multi-workload shift between tenants.

If you have experience using MigrationWiz, you already know that it’s got all the features you need in one easy-to-use tool, with support available when you need it. And we even make buying easy: Simply review the different licenses here, then click the “Buy Now” button and you’re ready to get started.

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