Working Together to Make Modern Work…Work

Working Together to Make Modern Work…Work

This year’s Microsoft Inspire comes just as people are talking about companies coming back: Back to the office. Back to work. Back to business as usual. But many companies are doing more than coming back. This is where transition-to-cloud is ever more important.

Thanks to technologies that were brewing before the world went into lockdown, new ways of working were accelerated and stress-tested during the pandemic. The new normal doesn’t mean back to normal. The trajectory toward modern work, with Microsoft firmly at the center; the cloud making it real and secure; and MigrationWiz getting data there quickly and seamlessly.

The modern work evolution

Modern work concepts are creating teams that are collaborating securely across geographies and time zones. Technologies are helping companies re-think and automate routine processes, and gain new insights from their data. As work becomes more meaningful and productive, opportunities for innovation are expanding. Companies are seeing it happen in real time, and they want to know how to make it a reality. 

This new way of looking at work is no longer visionary. As employees look for more flexible and satisfying work, employers know that recruiting and retention can’t be solved with a paycheck alone. True competition comes from a workforce that’s empowered with the right tools and supported, by a management philosophy that focuses on contributions rather than time sitting at a desk.

Modern work pays off for companies in other ways as well. The need for better collaboration may be driving the move to the cloud, but it has also resulted in enhanced security, significant real estate and infrastructure cost savings, and an improved contingency planning posture. Companies can’t afford to sit by as their competitors adopt new ways of working – and leap forward as they ponder their next move.

Partners building the modern work environment

While the pandemic ignited a fire that accelerated the movement, the workplace still needs to be viewed as a long-term, evolving strategy. New technologies are paving the way, but they don’t fulfill the promise on their own. Change management is the key to building processes around current and future employee needs, and leaders have to be identified at all levels of the organization to keep the flame of the modern work revolution lit. Most companies are leveraging solutions and expertise from partners like Microsoft and BitTitan to keep their transformation on track.

As Inspire celebrates the role of Microsoft 365 and Teams in the evolution of modern work, the BitTitan team is ready to make it a reality. Over more than a decade, MigrationWiz has become one of the fastest, easiest, and scalable ways to move all kinds of data to the cloud, specializing in meeting the needs of Microsoft customers.

We’re excited to give a big Shout Out to Microsoft Inspire participants! We’re ready with you to help make modern work…work.

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