Inside BitTitan's Document Migration

Inside BitTitan's Document Migration

New from BitTitan --  Document Migration.  MigrationWiz now enables you to automatically migrate the entire contents of your Google Drive or OneDrive interchangeably. With the ability to migrate any filetype on the source system, Document Migration is a one-stop solution for migrating your data to (or within) the cloud.

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As with all BitTitan offerings, Document Migration puts an emphasis on speed and ease of use. Migrations take only minutes to set up, and they go as fast the servers they’re migrating to and from will let them. There’s virtually no learning curve, so anyone on your team can perform the migration.  If you need assistance, like all BitTitan products, Document Migration is backed by our 24/7 support.

Beyond the benefits of speed, ease, and cost, one of the coolest parts of Document Migration is the ability to migrate permissions from a single drive to the other, even if one is a Google Drive and the other is a OneDrive. Document Migration automatically takes care of migrations, though in rare cases there may be a permission on one platform that isn’t available on the other; in these cases, Document Migration will assign the closest equivalent permission.

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Beyond all the nitty gritty of what Document Migration can (documents, files, permissions, just about anything) migrate, it’s also outfitted with a comprehensive set of reporting tools so you can monitor and analyze your progress and migrations as much as you like. Ultimately, it’s the best choice for simple, effective document or data migration.

Learn more about how MigrationWiz can help you can migrate the entire contents of your Google Drive or OneDrive interchangeably


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