MSPs: Gain a Competitive Edge with Voleer Assessments

MSPs: Gain a Competitive Edge with Voleer Assessments

In the world of IT service providers, it’s often difficult to distinguish your offerings from competitors. That makes it challenging to hang onto customers for the long term. Comfortability can cause a customer to stick with the partner they know, but there’s still pressure to squeeze the most out of vendor relationships. If a competitor is selling what you offer at a lower price, your customer may decide it’s time to try someone new. This means you can’t afford to be average, because that makes you replaceable.

There are two ways to stand out as the top choice for your customers: Always be the lowest price provider or differentiate your services by adding tangible value. When you choose the low-price route, you are committing yourself to slimmer and slimmer margins, making it more difficult to make money on each project. This strategy also leaves no room for flexibility or error as all work must be completed with maximum efficiency.

If you know MigrationWiz, you already know it will help you deliver efficient migrations. Now BitTitan has solutions for helping scope and plan for every migration you perform. Voleer assessments help set your services apart from the competition, proving to customers that you’re their trusted partner for the long term.


Using assessments to increase customer value

With Voleer, you can leverage assessments to enhance every customer relationship. There are assessments to help you win projects, plan and price projects, and manage your customer’s environment. Voleer assessments provide the kind of clarity your customers need to make decisions about their IT infrastructure, giving you opportunities to assist with more projects.


As an example, when you’re scoping an upcoming migration, you can use Voleer assessments before, during, and after:

  • Before a migration, see a high-level overview of the Source environment and a detailed data breakdown. This helps you budget for the right number of licenses, lay out the project schedule, and accurately allocate resources.
  • Assess the size of migration workloads so you can accurately estimate timeline, throughput, and Azure storage needs, if applicable.
  • Understand each workload to properly plan for data speed and throttling and to identify potential issues before you start your migration.
  • Use insights about the size and complexity of your customer’s environment to start conversations about additional services you can provide after the migration.
  • Assess usage and adoption, identify security risks, and look for ways to optimize costs.

Your customers hire you for a reason – to take care of their IT infrastructure. When you give them customized insights in a clear and accessible format, they’re more likely to turn to you for additional assistance.




An investment in the bottom line

Offering your customers Voleer assessments can pay off in many ways. In addition to adding value to customer relationships, here are other ways your business benefits:

  • Increase efficiency – There are Voleer assessments and automations for tasks it would take a team member hours to script and perform.
  • Impress your customers – They get smart information in a clear, visual format. You have information at your fingertips that’s easy to share or present.
  • Save on project costs – With increased efficiency and more information to scope projects, you can realize better margins overall.
  • Be proactive – Use assessments to prevent problems before they crop up.
  • Expand your relationships – Uncover more opportunities to build ties with your customers.
  • Add revenue sources – You pay one subscription cost and you can price or package assessments as you see fit.

It’s easy to see the benefits of adding Voleer to your methodology. The time you save using out-of-the-box assessments rather than building custom scripts can make a big difference in a project’s profitability. And it’s also an easy way to exceed your customers’ expectations with information they can really use.


Pricing and packaging models

There’s no “right” way to include Voleer assessments in your business model. A single subscription gives you access to the entire Voleer library - you choose how you want to use them. Some MSPs offer a free up-front assessment to start a conversation with prospective clients. Others include a no-cost assessment as part of an initial project.

When you package assessments with your regular services, it makes sense to highlight the added value in your proposal. Customers will notice that they’re getting something extra when they choose you.

Some assessments can be priced as separate line items. You can also offer ongoing reports delivered direct to your customer at the frequency they choose. This gives both you and your customer transparency and stimulates conversations about ways to optimize the environment, solve problems, eliminate redundancies, or increase utilization.

We’d love to show you how Voleer assessments work, but you can also see for yourself with our 30-day trial. Sign up today and take Voleer for a spin.

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