New Enhancements for Microsoft Teams Migrations

New Enhancements for Microsoft Teams Migrations

Since introducing capabilities to migrate Microsoft Teams last July, we’ve been hard at work to expand features in MigrationWiz® for this scenario. Learn more about recent enhancements below or head over to the BitTitan® Help Center for step-by-step technical documentation on how to configure and launch your Teams project.


Select Individual Teams to Migrate

Following the Source assessment, MigrationWiz users can now specify which individual Teams they would like to migrate, and which should be left behind on the Source. This is important for migration scenarios such as a divestiture where only a subsection of Teams need to be moved, or to clean up sprawl from the initial deployment.

After the assessment completes, users will be able to edit the Assessment Summary CSV to specify which Teams to migrate. Once this modified CSV is imported, the assessment results for the project will reflect on the Teams selected for migration, providing you with the amount of data, number of users, and required licenses for the new project constraints.

Additional guidance for selecting individual Teams can be found here.


New SharePoint App-Based Authentication

BitTitan recently transitioned from Office 365 authentication to app-based authentication for workloads including OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. Benefits of this change include increased security and a lower risk of throttling from Microsoft specific-to-Office 365 tenant projects, including Teams-to-Teams.

Note that this app must be added in both tenants for the Source and the Destination to successfully reduce throttling and failures from Microsoft policy changes. Steps for adding and removing this app are linked here, in addition to our complete KB on SharePoint App-Based Authentication in the BitTitan Help Center.


Support for US Government Tenants

In addition to commercial Office 365 tenants, MigrationWiz now supports migrating to or from a government tenant. This requires special commands to connect, or login errors will persist.

Note that due to limitations from Microsoft, images within Conversation History will not be migrated directly to Channels on the Destination the way they are with commercial tenant scenarios. They will still appear in the HTML file tab labeled “Conversation History” on the Destination.


Best Practices for Teams Migrations

Six months’ worth of Teams projects have resulted in lessons learned. Check out our Collaboration Migration Best Practices KB for tips when planning and configuring your project. The right plan can help limit errors, throttling, and other mishaps to keep your project on-track.

You can also learn more about Teams projects and MigrationWiz in a recent on-demand webinar. BitTitan technical experts cover pre- and post-migration tips in addition to a short demo of this scenario.

BitTitan Webinars Smart Strategies for Teams Migrations

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