The Business Opportunity for Microsoft Teams Migrations

The Business Opportunity for Microsoft Teams Migrations

Like it or not, Microsoft Teams is here to stay.

The rise of workstream collaboration platforms - namely Teams and chief rival Slack - have seen tremendous growth over the last 18 months. In December 2018, Microsoft announced Teams adoption surpassed that of Slack and was optimistically predicting its presence in the workplace would double by 2020. Gartner concurs, estimating a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 96%  for the entire workstream collaboration market through 2021 for a grand market total of $5 billion.

For Office 365 users, it's a difficult application to avoid. From an aggressive feature roadmap to a strongarm "you're going to have this on your machine" approach, Office 365 users are being funneled towards its functionality. Microsoft is clear Teams is on track to replace Skype for Business, while some longer-term visions look to a future where Teams succeeds email as the standard communication vehicle at the internal level.

So what's this mean for IT? For starters, it's yet another application to govern and manage - challenges we've heard frequently via analyst calls and our own partner conversations. From a migration perspective, it's becoming another key workload requirement in Office 365 tenant migration scenarios.

Recently, BitTitan introduced capabilities to migrate Teams to a new Office 365 tenant. You can read more about that scenario in this feature spotlight. And while we hear the groans of the anti-Teams crowd, we also recognize new demand for Teams migrations among early adopters and see the flood of these projects coming in the near future. But why should you care?


Adoption = Opportunity

Organizations that have made the leap to Teams now have important information stored in that instance and the underlying SharePoint framework. Should they need to migrate, that data now needs to be migrated, too. The frequency of Office 365 tenant migrations is only increasing as more users move to the cloud office suite. Merger, acquisition, and divestiture activity continues to fuel these scenarios as well.

The opportunity here is to expand the scope of your tenant-to-tenant migration services to include a new workload that's becoming a central part of how end users work. Adding Teams to your migration package allows you to increase potential revenue while delivering new services that provide a more holistic migration experience for end users.


Why MigrationWiz?

Not all migration solutions are created equally. Through our unique approach to Teams projects, we offer three key benefits as you add this to your list of supported services:


Preserve Customer IP and Data

As end users turn to Teams, more critical data, conversations, and decisions will be made within the application. That data is now just as important as other file repositories or messages in an inbox. With MigrationWiz, you're able to offer a solution to save that information - in whatever form it was created - and transfer that to a new tenant. MigrationWiz also preserves the audit trail by migrating timestamps and watermarking conversations from the previous tenant.

Standardize Your Process NOW

Teams migration projects will increase as adoption grows. Developing efficient, reliable processes for this scenario is important to ensure your projects are profitable and repeatable across customers. MigrationWiz makes it easy to standardize with a simple, consistent project flow and fast configuration phase.

Win with MigrationWiz

By bringing MigrationWiz into the new business process, we help you compete with other service providers to support common T2T business cases like mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Adding Teams as a supported workload in your migration bid will help you compete and win this business. Let us help you.


Learn More

For more information regarding Teams migration projects and MigrationWiz, visit the Teams page on our website or watch this short demo video to see how to quickly configure and launch these projects in a matter of minutes.

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