MigrationWiz OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online Upgrades

MigrationWiz OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online Upgrades

According to a recent Spiceworks survey, OneDrive for Business is the most commonly used cloud storage and file sharing service. Adopted by 51 percent of companies, it tops Dropbox, Google Drive, and any other offering on the market today.

We’ve seen this increase in OneDrive for Business migrations amongst our customers, too.  That's why we’re excited to announce significant updates to our OneDrive for Business offering: BitTitan now supports new v2 Endpoints when OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online is the Destination for your migration.

In addition to the new endpoints, we've also removed the item size and single folder item count restrictions previously in place, meaning you can move more data with better throughput during your next document migration. Those limits were 250MB and 5,000 items, respectively. Both the v1 and v2 Endpoints can comfortably support 200 concurrent migrations.

So What's Different About The v2 Endpoints?

The v2 Endpoints use Microsoft's Migration API, which leverages Azure Storage to maximize speed and bypass throttling, resulting in higher migration speeds. Because v2 leverages Azure Storage, users have two options: Microsoft-provided Azure Storage or custom Azure Storage. Note that when using custom Azure Storage, MigrationWiz will require the Azure Storage Account Name and Access Key as inputs. If the user selects the Microsoft-provided option, they do not have to input this data. With the v2 Endpoints, MigrationWiz copies files to the storage blob, at which point Microsoft will then copy data from the blob to the Destination. The v2 Endpoints also support syncing items (SyncItems=1) with MigrationWiz's Advanced Options.

When Should I Use v1 and v2?

v1 is best for smaller volume migrations (20GB and under). Because v1 uses an older API, the chances of throttling are increased when dealing with large volumes. Depending on your migration scenario,  v1 may be your only option. The v2 Endpoint only supports OneDrive and SharePoint Online as Destinations. A migration scenario such as OneDrive to Google Drive will require the use of v1.

v2 is best for medium or large migration projects (>20GB) where bypassing throttling limits is necessary. If you have access to Azure Storage and are confident in those costs, we recommend using v2 for scenarios where OneDrive or SharePoint Online is the Destination.

Get Started Today!

For more guidance on document migrations, see our complete guides in the BitTitan Help Center or watch a OneDrive to OneDrive demo through our on-demand webinar library.

If your upcoming migration project requires moving documents in addition to mailboxes, check out the User Migration Bundle: a single license to migrate mail, data, archives, and automatically configure Outlook profiles post-migration with DeploymentPro. That per-user license is good for 12 months - get started today.

Happy migrating!

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