Video: How Do You Make the Cloud Profitable?

Video: How Do You Make the Cloud Profitable?

We asked successful MSPs how they go about making the cloud profitable. Here's what they said...

"Making the cloud profitable is beyond just mailbox migrations or file-share migrations."

-Loryan Strant, Generation-e

"The old model, it was all about the margin that you made on selling the license. And these days, all those margins are really gone, so selling Office365 alone, or even the email migration is no longer going to be a profitable business. And so, it’s really about what you put on top of the stack that makes you profit and margin."

-Michelle Markham, Microsoft

"Just because you migrate them up doesn’t mean that you just walk away from the customer. They’re always going to need help; they’re always coming up with new things, and you have to keep them updated."

-Rex Miller, FlexManage

"You really have to expand. You can’t really be focused on one or two things, you have to be a little more broad."

-Chris McVeen, Bishop Technologies

"It was about turning that product into a solution that covers a whole range of different revenue streams. From project service to manage service to IP that can sit on top."

-Brett Fraser, Microsoft

"Those sort of options give you the ability to get the cloud on your terms and able to deliver it to the customer the way they want it."

-Stuart Moore, Insync Technology

"It’s very important for us to think about the Azure services, the Office365 services, and how we can build something for our customers that going to give them a result that no one else can give them. It’s a blank canvas, effectively."

-Steve Dawson, ONGC Systems

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