Developer Resources


BitTitan provides programmatic access to your data using a simple, powerful, and secure SOAP API. Developers need to be granted API access for their account before making API calls.

Get Started

Official SOAP API documentation.


MigrationWiz SOAP API v2 Migration Guide.

Sample Code

Create a project, create users and kick a migration.

MigrationWiz WSDL

Generate your SOAP proxy for the MigrationWiz API.

BitTitan WSDL

Generate your SOAP proxy for all other products (UserActivation, SmtpLogic and DeploymentPro).


Use our command-line utilities to automate administrative tasks and perform bulk operations in MigrationWiz. Create projects, import mailboxes, submit thousands of users for migration without writing a single line of code!

Get Started

System Requirements and Download.

PowerShell Documentation

PowerShell samples and CommandLets documentation.