The managed services opportunity

Why should you create a new set of managed services?

You can’t only resell Office 365 licenses and perform one-time migrations anymore. You need managed services to differentiate your business. This will position you as an innovative leader among the competition.

Customers want more, and they need a trusted IT advisor who understands their business, their needs, and their systems. This set of products for managed services can help you provide that without special training or extra headcount.

MissionControl for Office 365

Provide Office 365 management, advanced reporting, alerts, and much more.


Amaze your customers and offer a 24/7 end user IT help desk.

Upsell Engine 

Make proactive, relevant upsell suggestions based on real customer data.

Learn how to build managed services revenue today.

Be the one to put the "managed services" in "modern MSP." It's not difficult—we'll show you!

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