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BitTitan Empowers IT Professionals to “Get Automated” with MSPComplete Platform

Industry-Leading Platform Leverages Automation to Reduce Service Delivery Costs, Eliminate Operational Inefficiencies, and Standardize IT Services

October 16, 2017

BitTitan®, the global leader in Managed Services Automation, today announced new capabilities to its next-gen IT services automation platform MSPComplete® at the company’s inaugural user conference, Elevate ‘17. Building off momentum from its April 2017 launch, the new capabilities within MSPComplete provide BitTitan’s 55,000 global customers insight into the complexities of IT services delivery and how to efficiently use automation to improve change management. Through standardization and automation, ITSPs can streamline processes, reduce delivery costs, and provide a seamless end-to-end user experience.

“We are very impressed with the ability of MSPComplete to streamline our business processes, which in turn enables us to scale more efficiently,” said Rob Lavin, solution architect at MCPc. “By leveraging all the capabilities of the MSPComplete platform, we reduce our service delivery costs and optimize our line-of-business operations. Now, we can do more for less.” 

While the practice of IT automation is more than a decade old, many IT service providers (ITSPs) and managed service providers (MSPs) operate in silos and lack the skills to either build automated services from scratch or the technology necessary to bring efficiency to existing documentation and operationalize it. With the numerous added and expanded features now in MSPComplete, customers can:

  • Define and store standard business processes (SOPs), centralizing fragmented and inefficient script management.
  • Capture employees’ intellectual property (IP) and best practices in a central location, enabling for continuous and efficient organizational updates.
  • Provide reports on resource allocation and cost savings, identifying optimal opportunities for automation and operational improvements.
  • Automate manual processes, eliminating technical errors and guaranteeing different people or teams can consistently deliver repeatable services every time.

In the October 2016 report, “Predicts 2017: Automation Is the Heart of IT Service Providers' Drive to Improve Operational Effectiveness,” Gartner analysts wrote: “Automation represents a major focus area for IT service providers looking to reduce their costs of service delivery, withstand price competitiveness and deliver higher levels of service efficiency, while eliminating potential failures by reducing the scope of human tasks in service delivery.”[1]

“With MSPComplete, we help IT professionals deliver more repeatable, scalable, and profitable services through automation,” said Geeman Yip, founder and CEO at BitTitan. “The ability to automate is regarded as the single biggest indicator of long-term success for MSPs and ITSPs. Our platform gives service providers both the insight to identify inefficiencies, as well as optimization reports with recommendations on how to operate more efficiently with automation.”

MSPComplete is available for purchase in three tiers: “Get Automated,” “Get Organized,” and “Get Optimized.” To learn more about tier pricing, visit here.

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BitTitan®, the global leader in Managed Services Automation, empowers service providers and IT professionals to properly assess, deploy, and manage technology solutions in a cloud-first world. With MSPComplete®, an IT services automation platform, IT professionals can organize, optimize, and automate service delivery, and create repeatable, scalable, and profitable operations that deliver frictionless customer experiences. For more than a decade, BitTitan has been a cloud industry disruptor and has successfully delivered IT services to more than 6.5 million employees across 30,000 customers in 150 countries. To learn more about BitTitan, visit


[1] Gartner, Gianluca Tramacere, Allie Young, Arup Roy, Rob Addy, Bryan Britz, and Susan Tan, Predicts 2017: Automation Is the Heart of IT Service Providers' Drive to Improve Operational Effectiveness, 21 October 2016