Offer top notch support without breaking the bank or hiring staff.

Be available to support your customers 24/7 at a low per-user, per-month price.

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Expand your IT support without adding headcount.

Affordable differentiation

Differentiate your business and give your customers enterprise-quality, US-based support—without the enterprise price tag. Appear larger with professional, always-available staff answering as your brand.

Upsell opportunity

Align help desk resolutions with opportunities to make extra profits. Concierge representatives can offer relevant upsell and cross-sell recommendations based on insights gathered from common requests and issues.

Build credibility

Become a trusted expert and your customers' go-to source for IT cloud services. Support tickets are created for every case so you stay informed of common issues and can educate your customers.

I’ve been looking for ways to move past migrations and attach managed services to my Office 365 deals. Concierge and MissionControl for Office 365 are allowing me to add value for my customers after the migration and to build recurring revenue.

Chuck Strain, Principal Architect, DynTek Services, Inc.

Three different ways to use Concierge

24/7 FAQ Support
Fully customizable FAQ library with support tickets created for every case. 
24/7 Office 365 Support
Everything in 24/7 FAQ Support, plus remote desktop support for Office 365 from certified professionals.
24/7 Desktop and Mobile Support
Everything in 24/7 Office 365 Support, plus end user support across desktop and mobile devices, including other hardware and software.

Bundle. Upsell. Cross-sell.

MissionControl for Office 365

Provide advanced management, compliance, reporting, alerting and auditing to your customers' Office 365 environments—all without the need for PowerShell.

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Mailbox Migration

Migrate mailboxes with the industry-leading solution to reduce costs and shorten project timelines. Migrate nearly any source to any destination with MigrationWiz.

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Document Migration

Add documents to your migration projects for extra revenue. Move files to OneDrive at lightspeed and collect on Microsoft incentives.

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Concierge Infographic

Concierge Infographic

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