Add a profitable migration workload with cloud storage.

Migrate to Azure Blob storage and add Azure revenue to your projects.

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Easy, profitable blob storage migration to the cloud.

Upsell Azure

Blob storage migration is an easy way to start selling Azure as part of your Microsoft cloud business and requires little prep work to migrate.

Pass the buck

Cut your customers' costs associated with cloud storage when you migrate to Azure Blob storage versus on-premises storage or Amazon Web Services.

Keep it simple

Offer a simple, turnkey blob storage migration to Azure without specialized knowledge. It's one of the easiest tools on the market today.

SMBs can save thousands of dollars by migrating unstructured data to Azure from on-premises file shares and other cloud storage repositories like Amazon Web Services. Azure also offers market-leading mobile access to stored data and tighter integration with other Microsoft platforms your customers already use.

Jenn Martin, Vice President, Worldwide Sales

Bundle. Upsell. Cross-sell.

HealthCheck for Azure

Scan your customers' servers to discover dependencies, and cloud readiness, detailed node reporting and projected cost to move to Azure.

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Database Migration

Migrate on-premises databases to the cloud at the push of a button, with no SQL database or Azure expertise needed!

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Offer custom, white-labeled, 24/7 Office 365 and IT cloud services support at a low, per-user cost.

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Azure Starter Kit Datasheet

Azure Starter Kit Datasheet

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Jumpstart Your Azure Business Webinar

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The Azure Opportunity for Managed Service Providers Blog Post