Coexist peacefully during a migration.

Find out how Enterprise Coexistence with MigrationWiz can save you time and money over a hybrid server.

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Help customers run their business without interruption during the migration.

Make a better customer experience

Customers don't want to stop business for a migration. Ensure minimal interruptions while providing a migration that's faster than manual processes. Provide accurate free/busy information and mail routing, continuous passwords synchronization, and public folder access across on-premises systems and the cloud.

Faster project timeline

BitTitan Enterprise Coexistence gets up and running in 12 to 24 hours, which is nothing compared to days and weeks required for hybrid mode setup. With significantly less prep work, you can get to the heart of the migration project more quickly, complete it and wow your customer.

Reduce costs

Provide your customers with coexistence without the hybrid server hassles. Enterprise Coexistence is a feature that's included with the purchase of MigrationWiz mailbox migration licenses at no additional cost.

Where other migration methods would have left our customers offline for months, with MigrationWiz we were able to perform the migration with zero downtime or lost productivity.

Ville Kankare, System Consultant, Appelsiini

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