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BlumShapiro Consulting Partner Spotlight: Concierge

Learn how BlumShapiro Consulting wrapped 24/7 support with BitTitan Concierge into their managed service offering.

GoCloud Systems Partner Spotlight: Concierge

Learn how GoCloud Systems of New Zealand acquired new referral business after providing stellar 24/7 support through BitTitan Concierge.

Insync Technology Partner Spotlight: HealthCheck for Azure

Learn how Insync Technology leverages BitTitan HealthCheck for Azure to have deeper roadmap discussions with customers.

ODM Computers: Migration Case Study

In one weekend, ODM Computers securely migrated 3500 users in the healthcare industry from Office 365 to Exchange on-premises.

Agrei Consulting: MigrationWiz Case Study

Agrei Consulting successfully onboarded 30,000+ users from Google Apps to Office 365 with BitTitan.

Bang Industries Case Study

Learn how Bang Industries leverages MSPComplete to sell and onboard more customers to the cloud.

CGNet: Archive Migration Service Case Study

Learn about CGNet's successful move from Enterprise Vault to Office 365 with BitTitan Archive Migration Service.

ProServeIT: Mailbox Migration Case Study

Discover how ProServeIT simplified a challenging mail migration with BitTitan.

Betach: Mailbox Migration Case Study

Learn how Betach Solutions accelerated onboarding to Office 365 for large customer and drives higher services profitability.

Mural: MigrationWiz Case Study

See how Mural and BitTitan provided a managed solution for premier onboarding of Office 365.

ICONS: Mailbox Migration Case Study

Find out how ICONS successfully migrated a team from Lotus Notes and Google Apps to Office 365 with BitTitan.

Apptix: Mailbox Migration Case Study

Discover how Apptix completed a migration from a variety of sources to hosted Exchange using BitTitan.

Appelsiini: Mailbox Migration Case Study

Find out how Appelsiini and BitTitan migrated thousands of mailboxes in record time.

Sovran: Mailbox Migration Case Study

See how Sovran migrated from on-prem Exchange and Google Apps to Office 365 with BitTitan.

Advance 2000: MigrationWiz Case Study

Discover how Advance 2000 migrated multiple systems to Office 365 with BitTitan.

MSPComplete Overview

Learn about MSPComplete and managed services automation. Capture, optimize, and standardize delivery, increase profitability, and protect IP.

MSPComplete Azure Services

Differentiate your business with turnkey managed services for Microsoft Azure in MSPComplete.

MSPComplete Office 365 Services

Wrap managed services around Office 365 workloads in MSPComplete to grow recurring revenue.

MSPComplete for FastTrack

Learn how MSPComplete helps you manage FastTrack migrations for smoother transitions and upsell opportunities.

Sources and Destinations

See the list of sources and Microsoft destinations to which you can migrate with BitTitan products.

BitTitan Concierge

See BitTitan's service that enables you to give your customers a 24/7 support help desk—with no setup fees or minimum commitments.

HealthCheck for Azure

Learn how you can sell more Azure with the cost analysis, readiness, and planning tools of HealthCheck for Azure.

Mailbox Migrations

Discover how you can benefit from automation of email migrations from any source to any destination.

Stub Rehydration

Learn how to ensure customers don't lose valuable archive data. BitTitan offers automated stub rehydration for email migrations.

HealthCheck for Office 365

Save time and complete the migration faster with HealthCheck—easily and remotely assess your customer’s entire corporate network for Office 365.


Discover how you can use DeploymentPro to manage your customers’ desktop configurations directly from your web browser.

Document Migrations

Get started with automation of document migrations to the cloud--add them to email projects to package multi-workload, higher revenue projects.

Archive Migration Service: Revenue

See how Archive Migration Service works: our engineering team handles the entire archive migration part of the project while you collect the profit

Archive Migration Service: Overview

Learn more about the 100% white-glove BitTitan Archive Migration Service for enterprise archives.

Archive Migration Service: Chain of Custody

Learn more about the data compliance and chain of custody reporting behind BitTitan Archive Migration Service.

Archive Migration Service: Stub Rehydration

Learn more about the stub rehydration process included with BitTitan Archive Migration Service.

Glossary of Archive Migration Terms

Brush up on industry terms for more meaningful conversations with your customers about archives.

Archive Migrations

Learn how you can discover, collect, and migrate archives to nearly any destination including Office 365, Exchange 2013, Google, and Amazon.

Public Folder Migrations

Find out how easy it is to migrate public folders using Public Folder Migration from BitTitan.

SharePoint Migrations

Get started automating the migration of SharePoint in the cloud, helping customers benefit from smart collaboration while you create bigger projects.

MSPComplete for Microsoft

Learn how MSPComplete enables Microsoft Partners to adopt new technology, sell Microsoft products, and thrive as managed services providers.

DeploymentPro Infographic

See the differences between finishing Office 365 migrations the hard way… or with DeploymentPro

Concierge Infographic

What is customer service-as-a-service? Find out how BitTitan Concierge makes it easy for you to provide a 24/7 help desk to customers.

Azure Infographic

How to get started selling Azure. It's easier than you think—no training required.

Azure SQL Infographic

It's time to be an Azure SQL hero for your customers—rescue them from the perils of an outdated database.

MSPComplete Infographic

See how to connect your customers to the cloud—sell, onboard and service them throughout their cloud journey.

History of Archive Migration Infographic

Read how legacy archive systems came to exist and how they've evolved, leading to today's archive migration opportunity.

Modern MSP Infographic

Become an out-of-this-world Modern MSP with the help of these six core traits as outlined in this stellar infographic.

CSP Profitability: Standardization is the Secret

Find out how to increase Azure and Office 365 profitability through CSP and standardization.

CSP Profitability: Standardisation is the Secret

[APAC] Learn how CSP + MSPComplete can make Office 365 and Azure more profitable.

Announcement: The All-New MSPComplete

Industry-leading migrations + automated runbooks for a more profitable service delivery.

7 New-to-You Features of MigrationWiz

Learn how these 7 features of MigrationWiz make it the best migration tool on the market.

MSPComplete+ MigrationWiz= World’s Best Migration

Find out how MSPComplete + MigrationWiz will make your projects easier and more profitable.