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Deliver automated archive migrations through MSPComplete.

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Say goodbye to PSTs. Say hello to profits and peace of mind.

Double project revenue

Adding personal archives to your migration projects is an easy way to double your project size and revenue, without extra manual work.

Zero interruptions

Discover, collect, and migrate PSTs without customer downtime. Maintain message functionality so end users can reply to email that is being exported and archived.

Pass on more benefits

Satisfy your customer's legal and IT departments with secure, centralized personal archive storage, reduced IP leakage and security risk, and zero end user impact.

Managing PST files presents huge liability for your customers. There is massive risk in relying on employees to preserve files according to corporate policy, rather than automating the process with technology. Plus, PSTs can be a headache to discover and collect. Personal Archive Migration makes it easy to discover, collect, migrate, and eliminate PSTs while running migrations through MSPComplete.

Jethro Seghers, Microsoft MVP

Moving enterprise archives? Let BitTitan do the heavy lifting.

We'll migrate archives and rehydrate stubs while you remain the expert in your customer's eyes and keep the profits. Learn how you can triple your mailbox migration revenue with the 100% white-glove BitTitan Archive Migration Service.

Archive Migrations

Archive Migrations

History of Archive Migration Infographic

History of Archive Migration Infographic

Archive Migration Service: Revenue

Archive Migration Service: Revenue