Turn Azure roadmap conversations into profits.

Leverage infrastructure assessments to start Azure conversations and increase sales.

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Discover Azure opportunities for both you and your customers.

Low effort, high yield

HealthCheck for Azure makes it easy to set up the sale by showing your customers the value of adopting Azure. Plus, you'll discover opportunities within their current infrastructure.

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Jumpstart your Azure business with a tailored assessment that uncovers immediate needs and addresses the long term goals of your customers. Discuss an Azure roadmap and map dependencies to ensure a smoother migration.

Immediate opportunity

Help customers migrate from SQL servers at end of life or end of support before issues arise. Start the conversation with confidence and explore their options consultatively.

HealthCheck for Azure gives me omnipotent visibility in regards to my customer’s infrastructure that I have never had before. We like the fact that it gives you empirical data—it’s not a calculator using estimates, but the customer’s actual environment.

Stuart Moore, Co-Founder, Insync Technology, Australia