Microsoft 365 Assessments

Powerful planning for smooth migrations and customer insight for extra revenue opportunities using HealthCheck for Microsoft 365.

HealthCheck for Microsoft 365 is free

Register for a FREE BitTitan account to access this useful migration readiness tool. Assess your customers' compatibility with Microsoft 365 so you can go into a migration project without blind-spots. 

Deploy, scan, remediate, and profit

Assess Office 365 readiness to provide customers with a detailed migration plan. Discover incompatible software and outdated infrastructure to avoid surprises, uncover new revenue opportunities, and write accurate SOWs. Deploy a Device Management Agent through the MSPComplete platform and prepare for a smooth migration to Microsoft 365.

Tons of data points

Discover the most common migration blockers to plan a smoother migration. Gather data and report on issues including the operating system, browser and software versions, admin credentials, and bandwidth.

Lightweight agent

Easily distribute a lightweight agent through Group Policy or email - entirely remotely. Securely assess cloud readiness across all relevant on-premises infrastructure, as well as remote workstations, servers, and devices, without causing any interruption.

Increase opportunities, migrate better, and profit more

Shorten the sales cycle

Offer a complete Microsoft 365 readiness plan that your competitors can't match. Close deals faster by removing customer doubts and objections.

Impress your customers

Eliminate disruptive surprises and delays by including desktop and infrastructure remediation up front. Deliver a fast, smooth and error-free migration every time.

Discover upsell opportunities

Scan the environment for incompatibilities and uncover upsell opportunities related to the migration. After the migration, the data will provide additional suggestions, populated in the MSPComplete platform.

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HealthCheck for [Microsoft 365] has transformed our sales process for the better. It’s a nice, easy way to get validation of the project scope… and we get all the detail we need to create an accurate statement of work. We’ve increased productivity for sales, and save time for our technicians.

Shane Monty, Vice President, Bang Industries