Evolving Trends: What Do They Mean for MSPs?

Evolving Trends: What Do They Mean for MSPs?

Are you capitalizing on technology trends? As an MSP, pairing trends—in the form of products, services or ideas—with your business services can make a difference for the success of your business. Recently, Business Wire published an article in which they outline emerging tech trends in the managed services industry. These are the three trends we think might matter most to you as an MSP.

The Internet of Things

You may have read our piece on the increased demand for managed services with the Internet of Things (IoT). We discussed the importance the growing popularity IoT has for the MSP. Over the last several years, IoT has transitioned from an enterprise-level solution to a direct-to-consumer offering. Providing managed services to IoT startups is the first major call-out in the article by Business Wire. They say that because IoT is almost entirely reliant on technology, it allows you to “rapidly scale up technological platforms to be able to engage with companies on a long-term basis.” It has become a major focal point in the tech world, resulting in an increased need for specialized managed services and creates an opportunity for businesses to expand their standard offerings.

Big Data

There is always a growing demand for data, and with automation in play, there is no real limit to the amount or types of data companies can pull, analyze, or put to use for their business. So what does this mean for an MSP? It means there is an opportunity for collaboration. Business Wire believes that “the adoption of managed Big Data services helps in the development of improved products, enhances customer experience, and helps predict demand accurately.” Creation of these new software products and solutions involving Big Data may be the simplest way for you to grow your managed services business. 

Managed Cloud Services

It should come as no surprise, but cloud services are one of the fastest-growing segments for managed services. The flexibility and scalability of cloud services, paired with the anticipated growth over the next few years, should continue to make cloud services a top priority for MSPs.

While the Technavio research may see these as today’s biggest trends, as an MSP, you are aware that technology is always evolving. It’s important you monitor, and, in many cases, stay ahead of the trends to remain relevant in the industry.

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