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The Handbook for Teams Migrations

Microsoft Teams quickly gaining users as a popular collaboration application. Discover the top pre- and post- migration considerations for a successful Microsoft Teams tenant to tenant migrations.

How to Market & Sell MigrationWiz

Learn how to better integrate MigrationWiz into your toolbox to deliver elevated, multi-level cloud services for your customers and increase profit margins for your business.

MigrationWiz User Migration Bundle

Migrate mail, documents, personal archives, and configure Outlook with a single license - the User Migration Bundle.

MigrationWiz Destination: Office 365

Transition users to the world's most popular cloud office productivity suite with the leading cloud migration solution.

MigrationWiz for Education

Fast and flexible, MigrationWiz is the trusted solution for EDU projects from local districts to large international institutions.

MigrationWiz for Healthcare

The healthcare sector requires an extra level of security when migrating. Ensure private data is protected with MigrationWiz.

MigrationWiz for Government

MigrationWiz meets the necessary standards for sensitive data migration needs. Learn more about our support for public sector projects.

HealthCheck for Office 365

Save time and complete the migration faster with HealthCheck—easily and remotely assess your customer’s entire corporate network for Office 365.

ODM Computers: Migration Case Study

In one weekend, ODM Computers securely migrated 3500 users in the healthcare industry from Office 365 to Exchange on-premises.

Agrei Consulting: MigrationWiz Case Study

Agrei Consulting successfully onboarded 30,000+ users from Google Apps to Office 365 with BitTitan.