Migrate Between Microsoft 365 Tenants

Merge, consolidate, or spin off Microsoft 365 tenants with MigrationWiz.

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Secure Tenant-to-tenant Migrations for Enterprise


In this white paper, we explore what MigrationWiz offers enterprises that are undertaking tenant-to-tenant migrations and how it addresses their security concerns.

This tool allowed us to migrate from a combined domain to a split domain and did it without the time-consuming headache typical of these kinds of operations on [Microsoft 365]. We were able to automate huge swaths of the process and spend more time double checking and supporting any user-side issues as opposed to being fully dedicated to the migration process itself.

Manage your Tenant Transition with MigrationWiz

Simple Set-Up

MigrationWiz is 100% SaaS. No local installations or professional services needed. Quickly autodiscover users, configure, and launch complex migration projects through automation.

Fast and Scalable

Realize incredibly fast data transfer speeds backed by the security and reliability of Azure datacenters. Ensure a seamless cutover experience and empower end users to get to work in the Destination on day one.

Retain Coexistence

Enable end users to work seamlessly with one another, regardless of whether they are on the Source or Destination tenant. Allow for more flexibility in project timeline while preventing disruption to business operations.

Purchase the Tenant Migration Bundle license

Bundle mailboxes, archives, documents, and Teams together to address
all components of a cross-tenant migration.

Simply and Securely Migrate Mailboxes, Documents, and Teams Between Tenants with a Single License – the Tenant Migration Bundle

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Multi-Workload Migration

Migrate mailboxes, documents, and archives through a single, easy-to-use UI. No training or certifications needed.

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Automatic Outlook Configuration

Save time post-cutover and remotely configure Outlook profiles with DeploymentPro.

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Coexistence Between Tenants

Maintain business operations and communication between multiple tenants with mail-flow and free/busy coexistence.

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