How MigrationWiz works

Fully automated and 100% SaaS, MigrationWiz streamlines the migration process for you and your customers with no specialized training or professional services required. Initiate and run cloud and on-premises migrations anytime from anywhere – all from one dashboard.
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MigrationWiz Dashboard

The MigrationWiz Dashboard

Easily manage all of your Workgroups and migration projects from one central dashboard. Monitor active migration statuses, report on completed projects, view licensing information, and access the BitTitan Support Center.

Beginner’s Introduction to MigrationWiz with Free Trial

Learn how MigrationWiz is the one simple tool for all your migration needs. Get started with a free trial.

[Demo Video] MigrationWiz For Microsoft 365: Mailboxes

Watch this video to learn or rediscover how easy it is to use MigrationWiz to migrate mailboxes from a broad range of sources to Microsoft 365. We dive into everything from pre-migration steps to how to move the individual components of a mailbox.

Launch New Projects with Ease

Configure and initiate new migration projects in a matter of minutes. MigrationWiz walks you through the process from start to finish, supporting your selection of project type, Source and Destination endpoints, and importing Users and items.


1.  Add Customer

Create your MigrationWiz project and input customer information.

2.  Add Source

Select and provision your Source endpoint.

3.  Add Destination

Select and provision your Destination endpoint.

4.  Add Items

Autodiscover and import users and data.

5.  Migrate

Select users and begin moving to the new destination.

Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs

The User Migration Bundle combines three user workloads into a single license to help you save.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The User Migration Bundle allows us to offer our customers in the enterprise and SMB markets an all-in-one migration path to [Microsoft 365]. The BitTitan tools are easy to use for small migrations, while robust enough to meet the demands of large, complex migrations.”


The best part of MigrationWiz is that it’s fully automated so you have time to focus on what’s important: Managing customers and their expectations.

– Micha van der Burg, IT Architect | Avantage
“We migrated about 40,000 OneDrive accounts, which included nearly 300 terabytes of data… BitTitan has become the first company we think of when we are doing a migration.”


MigrationWiz Features

All Projects Dashboard

All Projects Dashboard

Take a detailed look at the projects list within a selected Workgroup, created from a categorized group of Users.

  • Easily launch new migration
  • Sort and filter projects
  • Confirm project Source and Destination
  • Quickly transition between different
Individual Projects Status

Individual Project Status

Delve into the specifics of your project to see what Users or items, including mail, public folders, personal archives, and documents, are being migrated.

  • Confirm the line item is subscribed
  • Verify credentials
  • Launch pre-stage and full migrations
  • Configure Advanced Options
Advanced Options

Advanced Options

Select from a robust library of advanced project customizations including Date Range Filtering, Folder and Recipient Mapping, even regional datacenter options.

The BitTitan SDK gives you access to the BitTitan Command Shell and Management Console. Scripting extends the out-of-the-box capabilities of MigrationWiz to effectively automate migration tasks at scale.

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