Document Migration

Don't leave your documents and files behind. As part of the User Migration Bundle, you can add revenue to email migration projects with fast, easy document migration.

Why migrate documents with the User Migration Bundle

Better experience

Migrate without impacting your customer’s work. Move documents and files with no downtime or interruption, even maintaining file hierarchy and permissions, whether on-premises or in the cloud. 

Speed and ease-of-use

Document migrations take only minutes to set up, and they go as fast as the servers they’re migrating to and from will let them. There’s virtually no learning curve, so anyone on your team can perform the migration.

More revenue

Double the size and profits of an email migration by adding documents. Leverage the same wizard-based interface to make your multi-workload projects simple and more profitable.

Overall we migrated about 40,000 OneDrive accounts which included nearly 300 terabytes of data… BitTitan has become the first company we think of when we are doing a migration.

Israel Heskiel, Founder & CEO, Agrei Consulting

Expand into multi-workload projects with our flexible, automated document migrations.

Migrate up to 10GB per user with up to 10 passes per user.



Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Microsoft SharePoint Online

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010+

Microsoft Windows File System

Google Drive



Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Microsoft SharePoint Online

Google Drive



Deliver the best cloud onboarding experience across these additional workloads.