User Migration Bundle

Expensive individual workload licenses are a thing of the past. With the User Migration Bundle you’ll move mailboxes, documents (OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox) and personal archives in a single license for up to 12 months.

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All Workloads. One Solution.

Don’t rely on different tools for each part of your project. With MigrationWiz, you get a single powerful migration engine for mail, documents, archives, and more.

Mailbox Migration

Migrate mail from nearly any Source to any Destination.

Archive Migration

Quickly discover, collect, and migrate personal archives.

Document Migration

Move user files, permissions, and more for common storage apps.

Outlook Configuration

Automatically and remotely flip profiles through a simple wizard.

You’re One Step Closer to Easier, Faster Migrations

Learn about the advantage of three user workloads into a single license to help save.

Build Your Business With BitTitan

Standardize your migration practice on MigrationWiz to create an efficient, scalable, and profitable service business.

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Increase revenue and project scope with multi-workload projects to deliver an end-to-end migration experience


Reduce licensing costs and preserve project margins by purchasing a bundled license for all end-user workloads.


Migrate when you need to. Move mail today and documents tomorrow. BitTitan licenses are good for 12 months.


Keep the doors open for additional workloads and revenue. Engage customers in projects beyond just email migration, now or later.

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