A Day in the Life at BitTitan, Part 1

A Day in the Life at BitTitan, Part 1

As the Director of Talent at BitTitan, my team and I get to find great people to work with, and fit them with jobs they are passionate about.   As a startup, we wear a lot of hats and things change often – it’s important that the culture we sell to candidates before they start at BitTitan, continues after they are here.  We’ve worked hard to create a transparent, collaborative, fun culture and continue to keep that culture as the guiding light as we grow.  The entire team believes that if we make our culture a priority, we can attract top talent that is passionate about what they do, and passionate about working at BitTitan.

I know a lot of companies say all these things. But, we put actions behind our words with lots of fun company-wide activities, company meetings that encourage transparency, sharing tips and best practices for communication skills for all of us, a new coaching program… all designed to help employees enjoy their work and maintain a good work-life balance.

But don’t just take my word for it. Let me introduce Jason Ross, who is a lead software design engineer here at BitTitan. See for yourself what it’s like to be a developer at BitTitan.


We believe a technology company that’s made up of great people is bound to do great things…. And we are looking to hire more smart, talented, driven people. Do you want to get stuff done at a company that’s growing fast? Join us!

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