Employee Spotlight: Jaym Gates

Employee Spotlight: Jaym Gates

Employee Spotlight: Jaym Gates

Manager of Technical Documentation

“At BitTitan, I’m able to be an advocate for our customers.”

When customers talk BitTitan, it’s not just about the industry-leading data migration and automation tools. A key to project success – for Partners as well as company IT teams – is access to comprehensive support and documentation. Jaym Gates helps to make that happen.

With a broad mandate to support customer and employee success, Jaym makes sure BitTitan’s  documentation is clear, up to date, and accessible. She draws on her experience in writing, publishing, and project management to maintain BitTitan’s Help Center, write about new products and features, and create user guides. Jaym also writes content for product scripts as well as UI and UX.

Customer focused with the right level of tech

“It’s important that we have current and consistent documentation so customers can find information they need regardless of where they are in a project,” said Jaym. “I really want to make sure our documentation works for all levels of customers – from seasoned technical people to first-time users of our products.“

Ongoing feedback from Customer Support and Technical Sales helps Jaym understand what kind of information will be most helpful. She’s always on the lookout for things that might be confusing so she can fine tune documentation and how it’s delivered.

“I think it’s important to look at things from the customer’s viewpoint,” said Jaym. “In fact, I actually try not to be too much of an expert on the technical aspects of the product. This helps me make sure I can explain in plain language how it all works.”

Making information accessible

Documentation is more than words. Jaym and her team recently worked on a complete redesigned of the BitTitan Help Center with a goal of making it easier to use. They focused on creating a structure that would provide logical paths for discovering new information. The redesign also included a facelift, more intuitive navigation, and call-outs for getting to important articles and related content.

“I love building things and figuring out what the future looks like,” said Jaym. “I never really stop iterating – I’m always looking for a better way.”

BitTitan seems to be the right place for Jaym’s creative and inquisitive spirit. While she doesn’t have a highly technical background, she has found that this is a place where she can contribute through her natural ability to understand and explain things.

“One thing I really like about BitTitan is that if I have a question, I can go right to the person who has the answer. I don’t need to go through channels or stay within my team. It’s so much easier to get things done,” said Jaym.

Always finding ways to improve

Jaym is focused on creating a consistent user experience across all BitTitan channels and products - from onboarding, to product use, to documentation. This means making sure every piece of information is thoughtfully written and represents the highest quality standards.

“My goal is for other companies to see our Help Center as an example of Help Center best practices,” said Jaym.

Jaym says her wide diversity of interests helps her connect with her BitTitan co-workers, and keeps work life engaging. “I consider myself a Magpie,” she said. “Like the bird, I collect hobbies and information and things. I love listening to people’s stories and finding out about their ongoing projects, what’s growing in their garden, or the latest book they’re reading.”

If you’re looking for a place to exercise your curiosity and creativity, BitTitan is always looking for new team members. Check out our career page to learn more.

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