Employee Spotlight: Jia Hui Leong Drives Diversity and Inclusion Efforts for BitTitan APAC

Employee Spotlight: Jia Hui Leong Drives Diversity and Inclusion Efforts for BitTitan APAC

“Innovation is what makes us successful and sustainable as a software product company. When we include different cultures and backgrounds, we get a variety of perspectives and ideas that result in unique solutions.” - Jia Hui Leong, APAC Talent Acquisition Partner.

BitTitan is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace, and Jai Hui Leong plays a key part in creating a culture where everyone feels welcome. The tech industry is notorious for its gender disparity gap, but through initiatives such as the Channel Asia Women in ICT Awards, the industry is progressing to become more inclusive. BitTitan is proud to celebrate diversity and share how team members like Jia Hui are doing their part to push diversity and inclusion forward.

Influencing the hiring process

As a Talent Acquisition Partner, Jia Hui helps hiring managers to be more inclusive by making sure they have a diverse pool of short-listed candidates that represent both visible and invisible aspects of diversity. To promote gender diversity, Jia Hui makes a conscious effort to reach out to candidates of both genders, recommending qualified female candidates whenever possible to balance the male-dominated software engineering field. She also pays close attention to compensation packages to ensuring gender pay equity for female hires.

“It’s not enough to just talk about it, people will want to see it,” Jai Hui says. “How you walk the talk is important. Since the pandemic, there’s a huge focus on company flexibility, openness, and adaptability. Diversity and inclusion is part of it. We’ve seen more companies hiring for diversity and inclusion specialists. It’s also important to educate employees so they can be part of the commitment to create the right culture within the organization.”

Jia Hui also focuses on age diversity in the hiring process to promote a multi-generational workforce. This includes being a front runner in mentoring young and future talents. She invests time and energy at college campus events and coaches hiring managers to give relevant opportunities to young talent. She regularly participates in campus career fairs to network with graduating students and encourages them to consider software engineer roles at BitTitan.

Growing the circle of diversity and inclusivity

In July, BitTitan is hosting a virtual event, BitSeries – Dare to be Different, focusing on the importance of diversity and inclusion, how BitTitan supports diversity, and how it impacts the daily lives of employees. Jia Hui will be the host, leading discussions with several panelists who will share their stories of successfully integrating into workplaces.

“After attending this event, I hope participants will walk away having gained inspiration and empathy for the challenges and successes that different people have experienced,” said Jia Hui. “In any company or society, it’s not only the job of leaders and managers to promote inclusivity. Everyone influences the culture and norms, and we all benefit from gaining a wider perspective on how diversity and inclusion affects our lives.”

To attend BitSeries – Dare to be Different, the virtual event on July 21, click here to register. If you’d like to learn more about opportunities to become part of the BitTitan team, visit our career page.

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