Employee Spotlight: Sahana Tambi

Employee Spotlight: Sahana Tambi

Sahana Tambi

Senior Software Developer and Team Leader

“At BitTitan, every member of the team is able to have a huge impact.”

That’s how Sahana Tambi, Senior Software Developer, describes what it’s like to work at BitTitan. Just over a year after joining the company, Sahana is now the key point of contact for the Enterprise Readiness team. The team has been hard at work on two major projects: tenant-to-tenant coexistence and hybrid migrations.

“I’ve worked for really big companies where I felt far removed from the customer. In those kinds of organizations it’s hard to see how what you’re doing impacts customers or even the final product,” said Sahana. “At BitTitan the teams are small and everyone wears multiple hats.”

Sahana’s team consists of three developers, as well as team members who specialize in QA and front-end development. The team also collaborates with technical sales support, DevOps, and the technical team in Singapore. By participating in release planning meetings with marketing and sales, they get a 360-degree understanding of product development – from concept to customer delivery.

Making a difference

Sahana appreciates having opportunities to make a difference at BitTitan. Any time she has discovered a problem that needs to be solved, she’s received support and encouragement to work on it. Her team always gets what they need to make sure their projects are a success.

“When I applied at BitTitan I thought it would be an interesting change from what I was doing. I’m new to the migration business, so I knew there would be a learning curve. But I’ve been a developer for quite some time, so I was able to bring my technology expertise,” said Sahana. “When I met the team, they were very welcoming. I really feel like I’ve got a work family at BitTitan.”

Working hard and having fun

Sahana went in to the office in Bellevue for just three months before the pandemic sent everyone home. Some of her colleagues and team members are people she’s never met in person. She misses the office, but Sahana still enjoys the collaboration and the fun environment.

“Even though there’s a lot of pressure on my team to deliver, we really enjoy working together and have a lot of fun. While everyone’s remote, there are a lot of activities going on. We’ve done things like Bingo and DJ sessions,” said Sahana.

Enjoying work and family

As a mom with two little ones at home, Sahana has had a lot of juggling to do. But she credits her managers with understanding the importance of work-life balance.

“In this past year I’ve seen a lot of people’s kids in the background during Teams meetings. I think that’s been a positive. Everyone is flexible and understanding and we support each other to accomplish our goals,” said Sahana.

Sahana has expanded her role on the team by continuously accepting new challenges and has a goal of further expanding her leadership skills. "BitTitan is providing me the opportunity and platform to grow into a leadership role" says Sahana. She’s confident BitTitan will be there to support her in her career while keeping it fun.

BitTitan is always looking for new team members. Check out our career page to learn more.

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