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Sizing Up Your Opportunities: Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations for MSPs

Four in five organizations have made the shift to cloud services, and more than half of the users in those organizations are using Microsoft 365. We report on more of those statistics in a companion article, MSP Alert: The Rise in Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations for Microsoft 365. With the great migration to cloud productivity suites moving into a later stage, at BitTitan we’ve seen T2T scenarios surpass the number of Exchange to Microsoft 365. On-prem to cloud migrations have long been bread-and-butter,project-based revenue for MSPs.

Tenant-to-tenant (T2T) migrations represent a specialty area now, but they’re fast becoming the new bread-and-butter. Take a look at your customer base and be on the alert for scenarios like these are often the harbinger of a coming T2T migration project.

Remember that at BitTitan, we’ve assisted many MSP partners with these projects; with our support, you’ll be able to pitch these opportunities with confidence. So whenever any of these telltale signs are present, be sure and communicate early and often with those clients and tout your T2T capabilities.

T2T Migration Indicators

Impending merger, acquisition or divestiture. When companies on Microsoft 365 merge, acquire other companies or spin out divisions or subsidiaries, all of these scenarios involve moving all or a portion of mailboxes and file stores between tenants. We reported on the amount of merger-and-acquisition (M&A) activity in a companion article.

Organizations with multiple tenants. Some organizations have stratified their divisions, departments or business units across multiple tenants. At one time this might have been a correct strategy, but the massive scalability of the cloud has changed that. Organizations of all kinds, from schools to Fortune 500 companies, are recognizing that a single tenant helps them operate more efficiently.

Key verticals. If you take a look at our companion article, we mentioned a number of verticals that are seeing more T2T migrations. If you specialize in one of these, be on the alert for opportunities.

Productivity suite moves. A merger, acquisition or divestiture scenario can trigger a move between two Microsoft 365 tenants, two G Suite tenants, or from Microsoft to Google or the other way around. But there have been instances where an organization simply made the strategic decision to move the entire organization from one cloud platform to the other.

Lessons from Large MSPs

With all these opportunities out there, large MSPs such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) see cloud-to-cloud projects as a strategic revenue driver. They focus on them, and have in fact completed multiple T2T projects for customers. Experience has taught them that the migration tools provided by the cloud platforms aren’t necessarily up to the task; for more on that, read Tenant to Tenant Migration Tools: Why Third-Party Solutions? Along the way, HPE and others have built out a set of core competencies and practices for using the tools to perform these migrations predictably, efficiently and above all, successfully. Read Tenant to Tenant Migrations: A Best-Practices Primer for MSPs.

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