A Decade of BitTitan and Learnings from CEO Geeman Yip

A Decade of BitTitan and Learnings from CEO Geeman Yip

Update: The BitTitan Elevate conference was a great success! Want to be the first to learn about Elevate '18 as information is available? Sign up here

BitTitan has spent the last decade tapping into the realities of your daily operations, and we have developed an understanding and appreciation of what it takes for you to be a successful IT services professional. BitTitan is constantly innovating and improving, because of you.

It’s a privilege to be part of the evolving cloud landscape, and we have worked hard to help you achieve higher ROI through repeatable, scalable IT services delivery—first with MigrationWiz, and now MSPComplete. Cloud business is not the same as it was when we began our original journey together, so in a sense, we’re just getting started.

I’ve posted a reflection on LinkedIn about our journey as a company, how I believe the cloud market is evolving, and ways we can be successful together.


[caption id="attachment_2943" align="alignright" width="356"]BitTitan booth at Microsoft WPC 2009 New Orleans The BitTitan booth at our first Microsoft WPC in New Orleans, 2009.[/caption]

When I left Microsoft in 2007, I started BitTitan to offer free cloud storage and tie cloud-based applications together for a seamless browser-based experience. After years of developing this platform, I discovered that it was way ahead of its time—I couldn't even give away free storage. However, after writing more than 250,000 lines of code for a wholly unique PaaS infrastructure, I had learned how to build scalable cloud solutions, where the market was, and where it was going.

By 2009, I'd burned through at least $100,000 of personal money and debt from mortgaging my home. That year, Microsoft launched its first public cloud productivity suite called Business Productivity Online Suite (also known as BPOS). I knew as businesses continued to adopt cloud, the fragmentation of applications and the need for data migration would become huge problems. It was at this point that I pivoted the company to solve more practical and immediate needs. I launched MigrationWiz.

On October 16, we take the first steps in a new journey, one that we began dreaming about more than five years ago.

The Modern MSP revolution begins at the BitTitan Elevate conference, where we will talk about where we are really going, and how we are going to get there. At Elevate, you will experience speakers from Microsoft, you’ll hear from analysts, VCs, MSPs, and also from BitTitan experts who will provide you with hands-on product training. You will leave Elevate with the tools you need to succeed; you will be able to use MSPComplete to perform your service delivery using new technology that will change the way you do business.

When I founded BitTitan, I wore many hats: the support guy, the sales guy, the developer. But at Elevate 2017, you’ll just know me as Geeman. I’m the IT guy with the dream of revolutionizing your cloud business. And BitTitan can show you how.

Read my post on LinkedIn here.

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