A BitTitan Guide to Toronto: Part 2

A BitTitan Guide to Toronto: Part 2

In yesterday’s post we looked at some nearby attractions—some for diving deeper into discussions, and some for just getting away from work. Today’s recommendations are all about the belly.

Whether you're with new business partners, coworkers, friends or family, there's a spot in Toronto that's sure to tickle your fancy. Check out the list of bars and restaurants that are within a quick jaunt or a short drive from the Centre.

Want to keep things close? Maybe your feet are tired from walking the expo floor all day. Cut down on the commute and stick nearby.



  • jackastors torontoJack Astor's Bar & Grill:  One block East of the MTCC, Jack Astor's seems like a pretty basic sports bar; there are TVs, bar food, a few assorted cocktails. Oh, and coin-operated beer taps. Yeah. It’s a good place to chill out and collect your thoughts, and a popular spot when conventions are in town.



  • The Shore Club:  The Shore Club sits on Wellington St., just one block north of the Centre. It's an upscale restaurant with a seafood theme. Fish and wine aplenty. Can't go wrong.



  • N'awlins: N'awlins, the best of the big easy up North, is just two blocks north of the Centre. It's sure to quench your thirst for Cajun-creole dining. It’s worth noting that N'awlins doesn't open until 4pm—it's strictly for adventures of the night. Also, N'awlins does not accept debit at this time, so make sure you adjust accordingly.



  • azure-barAzure Restaurant & BarWe’re not looking to drown you in irony, but the name of this place is too fitting. If you have a meeting regarding Microsoft Azure and don't pick the Azure Restaurant & Bar, you’re passing up a great opportunity. The Restaurant is open from 6:30 am to 10 pm, and given its proximity to WPC, it may be worth a trip… or two. Apparently the breakfast is bomb.



  • Aria RistoranteAlong with fine Italian dining, Aria Ristorante has wine for days. There are bound to be a few wine lovers at WPC; take them here and close that deal. Aria Ristorante is southeast of the Convention Centre, just across the tracks, on Bremner Boulevard.



  • The Loose Moose: "One Bar. Two Stories." That’s the mantra of the Loose Moose. The top story is the sports bar where you'll find 65 beers on tap, a large selection of them Canadian craft beers. The bottom story is the dance floor, better known as the Antler Room; head down if you're looking to get down.



Desire someplace a little more unique? If you’re looking for some character with your food and drink, these places each have a special experience to offer.



  • tocacheeseTocaToca is an upscale Italian restaurant next to Simcoe Park, just across the street from the Centre. However, the real draw here has to be the… wait for it… cheese cave! Toca has a temperature-controlled, glass-walled cheese cave, stocked with 35 different types of cheese. If you're into cheese, save some time for Toca.



  • Lone Star Texas Grill: Walk a couple blocks north on Simcoe St. and you'll find the big taste of Texas. Eat like the good ole boys do but brace yourself—everything is bigger in Texas. And a Texas-themed restaurant in a neighboring country is no exception.



  • The BallroomTravel 4 city blocks north on John St. if you need to show off your ping pong skills. The Ballroom has every table game you can think of, from ping pong and pool to foosball and bubble hockey. There’s even bowling, if you’d rather show off on the lanes.



  • pravdaPravda Vodka Bar: Looking to shake things up? From the Centre, walk 5 blocks east on Front St. and you'll find yourself at the coolest Soviet-themed bar the Great White North has to offer. Pravda has an enormous selection of tasty vodkas and food to match. Plus, at midnight on Saturdays, the staff sings the Russian national anthem.



  • Wayne Gretzky's TorontoDon’t eat here if you don't know who Wayne Gretzky is (also, don’t make that lack of knowledge public; while Canadians are known for being polite, there's a boiling point for everyone). However, if you're into hockey, check out the largest personal collection of Wayne Gretzky personal memorabilia. Take your pick of the restaurant, the sports bar, or the Oasis rooftop patio.



Need to class it up a bit? If you’ve got someone to impress, you may want to look at a few of Toronto's top rated restaurants.



  • Richmond Station: Wonderful food without having to break the bank, Richmond Station features entrees designed by Canada's Top Chef winner Carl Heinrich. Come on, it must be well worth the visit if he won an award—we all know how brutal those cooking competitions can be.



  • George Restaurant: Ranked third on TripAdvisor's list of best places to eat in Toronto, this gig offers awesome food with Canadian-inspired entrees. Chef Lorenzo Loseto is considered one of the best chef's in Canada today.



  • scaramoucheScaramouche Restaurant: According to TripAdvisor, Scaramouche is the best restaurant in Toronto. It's been ranked as one of the best places to eat in the city for over 30 years. The place reeks of class. You’re sure to charm your dinner guests by bringing them here. Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the fandango? Well, your taste buds probably will.



If you missed it, check out part one for coffee shops, parks, and sights worth seeing.

Find out more about what BitTitan is up to at WPC here.

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