BitTitan Booth Retrospective; A Trip Down WPC Memory Lane

BitTitan Booth Retrospective; A Trip Down WPC Memory Lane

Only 7 weeks left? How many screens do we have this year? Are people going to be blown away? Is The Wiz going to be there? These are just a few of the questions you will hear the BitTitan team asking themselves as we prepare for this year’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) held in Toronto July 10th -14th.

BitTitan has been attending WPC since 2009. Every year one of our goals is to outdo our booth from the previous year and I think I can safely say we have successfully accomplished that objective year after year. For instance, this year’s booth is brighter, larger, grander… and that’s all I’ll say. I guess you will just have to wait until WPC, booth 1501, so that you can stop by for the big reveal! Until then, let’s take a walk down memory lane showcasing booths of years past.

WPC 2009- New Orleans

Year one was back in 2009. BitTitan was two years in the making and we knew WPC was the place we needed to be. Our booth was part of Microsoft’s, that we shared with other vendors. We were small but mighty and knew we would be back…


WPC 2010- Washington D.C.

Year 2 at WPC. As you can see we were in the shared space again but if you look closely and count the square footage of our table, you can see we went bigger! Thus began our run of always trying to outdo the previous year’s booth.


WPC 2011- Los Angeles

2011 WPC was year 3 for BitTitan. This was the year that we had our own space, our own comic book and the arrival of our new mascot.


WPC 2012- Toronto

The year is 2012, year 4 for BitTitan. The booth gets much bigger and The Wiz (BitTitan’s superhero mascot) makes his live debut!


WPC 2013- Houston

Let there be light! WPC 2013 was the year we introduced BitTitan’s hanging bright lights in our booth. These lights could be seen for miles, okay maybe not miles but definitely throughout the expo hall, and these lights quickly became the talk of the town.


WPC 2014- Washington, D.C.

Year 6. This was the year we asked ourselves how much bigger could we go? The answer? Go big or go home. There was no way we were going home so we went bigger with more lights, larger screens, brighter colors… the list goes on and on! Did someone say rockstage?


WPC 2015- Orlando

Now we make our way down the road to WPC 2015, year 7 for BitTitan. People said it couldn’t be done but we did it. We went even bigger. That’s all. More screens, more lights, more fun.


So now that you’ve gone on this booth journey with us, you might be asking yourself how are we going to outdo ourselves yet again? Stay tuned for BitTitan’s WPC booth unveiling on July 10th in Toronto, booth 1501!! See you there.

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