WPC 2016 Day 3: Taking Toronto By Storm

WPC 2016 Day 3: Taking Toronto By Storm

We and thousands of our closest friends (and friends we just haven’t met yet!) are still having a blast at WPC in Toronto! What happened yesterday? Here’s a quick recap from Tuesday:


Why was our CEO Geeman rolling around on the floor at the end of that video? The sheer joy of spending three days straight sharing innovative ideas with like-minded MSPs!

We also gave away $1,000 (U.S. dollars—that’s about $1,300 Canadian) to folks who stopped by our booth, collected thousands more in donations for Doctors Without Borders, and gave in-booth presentations for business and technical best practices for Microsoft partners.

All that, and The Wiz was looking exceptionally photogenic. It was a very good day.

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We’re totally psyched for the WPC Partner Celebration TONIGHT! At the Air Canada Centre we’ll see Gwen Stefani (The Wiz would do anything get a selfie with her). Come back to our blog tomorrow for a recap of Wednesday from BitTitan Media… and stay up to date with all things BitTitan all the time on Twitter!

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