BitTitan: Removing Barriers to the Cloud

BitTitan: Removing Barriers to the Cloud

Cost and speed are two of the biggest barriers for moving to the cloud. And because more and more businesses are deciding to make the move -- an estimated 91% will have done so by 2017 -- more cloud services are emerging to (in theory) make it a painless and streamlined process.

As noted when they recently sat down with BitTitan CEO Geeman Yip, this is resulting in a muddled market. Choosing the right cloud service to move to the cloud is rapidly becoming just as important as the move itself. By removing barriers including cost and speed, BitTitan's solutions provide the fastest and most cost-effective migration experience.As a cloud enablement provider, BitTitan:



  • Lowers the cost of cloud service adoption. Our solutions eliminate the upfront costs of maintaining on-premise infrastructure, and are considerably more cost-effective than competing solutions. The average savings per project is 20 to 30%, and go as high as 50%.



  • Overcomes roadblocks. Got a huge amount of data to migrate from multiple sources? Need to move enterprise archives or PSTs? No problem. Does your data include sensitive information, including personal health records? Our flagship solution, MigrationWiz, is fully HIPAA-compliant, removing a huge barrier to the cloud for healthcare and legal organizations.



  • Delivers solutions as a cloud service. By offering solutions that enable you to sell, onboard, and service the cloud to your customers, we open the doors for repeat business and recurring revenue.



Learn more about our products here, or become a partner and help your customers get to the cloud faster and easier.

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