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Comparing MigrationWiz and Mailbox Replication Service for Tenant Migrations

When you’re planning a migration, it’s not the time to experiment with migration tools. In fact, there isn’t really a practical way to test different solutions before you execute your migration. So how do you figure out which solution is the best? It certainly doesn’t make sense to choose a migration tool based on a single parameter like price or popularity. At BitTitan, we rely on real-world testing to understand how MigrationWiz stacks up against other migration options. With the recent increase in Microsoft 365 tenant-to-tenant migrations, our technical team decided to perform a side-by-side comparison of MigrationWiz and Exchange Mailbox Replication Service (MRS), Microsoft’s native solution.

Putting top migration tools to the test

We created a side-by-side real-world scenario to test a long list of features of these two migration tools. 100 mailboxes were set up with varying inbox sizes, attachment types, item counts, and structure to simulate a realistic business implementation. We ran a full migration using each tool and compared the results. You can read the full white paper for all the details. With this data in hand, decision makers can evaluate migration tools on attributes that go deeper than reputation, customer reviews, and price. Our test compared MigrationWiz and MRS in categories like prerequisites, user experience, core functionality, performance, differentiating features, limitations, and cost.

The results: Cheaper isn’t necessarily better

In the white paper you’ll find a summary chart showing our technical team’s findings. As one might expect from a purpose-built migration solution, MigrationWiz is more full-featured, even though MRS handles email migrations very competently in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Here’s what we tested between the two tools:

  • Prerequisites, Setup, and Requirements
  • User Experience
  • Performance and Security
  • Differentiating Features
  • Limitations

A major difference between MRS and MigrationWiz is the pricing structure. MRS is included as part of an Azure subscription, while MigrationWiz, the leading third-party migration solution, has a variety of affordable licensing packages depending on the scope of your planned migration. BitTitan also provides a variety of support options for different migration scenarios, including mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Our 18-page white paper includes all the details on our testing, including analysis of the findings, comparison charts, screen shots, and links to additional resources.

Making the choice: Key differentiators

 Real-world testing and detailed analysis highlighted five differentiators that can be used by decision makers when deciding on a migration tool:

  • The intuitive user interface in MigrationWiz.
  • Customization features available in MigrationWiz give users control over more details of their migration.
  • When your migration requires flexibility (and whose doesn’t?), MigrationWiz has superior options for fine-tuning migration options, testing, running trials, and even reversing the process.
  • If you want reporting without the extra work needed in MRS, MigrationWiz provides a wide range of logging options as well as secure collaboration.
  • MigrationWiz is an industry-proven solution that’s purpose-built for migrating data to the cloud and between tenants in a variety of ecosystems, not just Microsoft 365.

BitTitan conducted this side-by-side test of MigrationWiz and Microsoft’s Exchange Mailbox Replication Service (MRS) in order to learn and share the results. Our hope is that this leads to informed decision making as well as successful migrations – regardless of which tool you decide to use. Download the white paper today!

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