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Google Migrations: Go With the EDU Expert

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We don’t think many would disagree that automation is important; we’ve seen what it can do in manufacturing and other industries. Yet, automation is often a double-edged sword: As processes become cheaper, faster, and more predictable, we reduce the need for people. Looking at manufacturing processes, human involvement is limited to highly skilled, super specialized actions where automation cannot be used.

While students and faculty are at home, it’s a good time for system upgrades that will enhance collaboration, access, and security. Many colleges, universities, and school systems are planning winter break migrations to move or consolidate tenants and even adopt new collaboration platforms.

If you’re using Google Workspace, MigrationWiz is the tool you need for migrating a wide variety of workloads: Mailboxes, documents, archives, and even collaboration platforms. You can take advantage of low education pricing to move from one Google instance to another, or from Google Workspace to Microsoft Teams. MigrationWiz handles all these workloads:

  • Gmail and Vault, including inbox, folders/labels, email, muted emails, contacts, calendars, and calendar notifications.
  • Drive, including files, folders, permissions, document history, comments, and more.
  • Shared Drives, including documents, permissions, versions, and metadata.

Great education pricing is one thing, but when you’re planning a migration, you should never skimp on experience, capabilities, and security. That’s why BitTitan has been the choice of educational institutions for more than 13 years.

Experienced experts are here to help

BitTitan has migrated thousands of students, faculty, and staff at hundreds of educational institutions all around the globe. While MigrationWiz is known for being intuitive and easy to use, you never have to go it alone, especially if your project is more complex. Our world-class Customer Success team are dedicated migration experts who can help you plan your project.

In fact, now is the perfect time to call so we can connect you with team members who have extensive experience in educational environments – including implementing complex Google Workspace migrations.

Fast, easy, and flexible

Educational institutions choose MigrationWiz because it’s fully automated and 100% SaaS. In fact, if you were expecting to sprint around campus in order to complete your migration, you may have to get your exercise some other way. With MigrationWiz you simply initiate your migration from one centralized dashboard, then use DeploymentPro – which is included – to automate Outlook configuration.

Don’t be fooled, though. Easy doesn’t mean basic. MigrationWiz is highly customizable with advanced options that give you full control over your migration. You’re always in charge of timing, testing, setup, and execution. You can also use project sharing to involve team members across departments for greater visibility and collaboration throughout the migration.

Top security with Azure datacenters

Security is top priority for every migration project, especially in educational settings. You’re responsible for protecting personal information from students and faculty, as well as proprietary documents and research. You must be able to ensure every bit of data is safe throughout the migration process. With MigrationWiz you get the extra security of Azure datacenters. And, your data is always encrypted and never stored.

With BitTitan by your side, you can get a lot done over winter break. So when faculty, staff, and students return, they might not even notice because they’ll be able to get started with the new semester without any disruptions.

Now’s the time to plan your migration

If you’re ready to implement a migration, there’s still time to put a plan in place. Contact us today to find out about education pricing for MigrationWiz and to learn how we can help make your migration a success.

Automation as the new norm in manufacturing

Within manufacturing we accepted that this was necessary, and automation forced us to evolve how we think about its processes. Now we focus on more important things that impact our business beyond the art of manufacturing. If we’ve accepted this for manufacturing, why do we still have reservations about automation when it comes to IT services delivery? Do customers really want to talk to a person for everything? Or is this merely a repeat of manufacturing mind shift?

While IT service providers are very technical people deep down, their adoption of automation in service delivery is still limited today. What could be the reasons for the limited amount of automation in the IT service delivery business? Let’s go back to manufacturing, to the assembly line.

Each post on the assembly line performs its same action over and over again. If you see an old assembly manual of a classic car, you’d notice the sections of the assembly line arranged linearly in the manual; reading the factory assembly manual reads like you are on the assembly line.  It’s easy to see the automation opportunities right in front of you.

Within IT services it’s not so simple. An IT service provider doesn’t have a single guy for a single task. Because the opportunities for improvement aren’t obvious, we tend not to spend the time looking for them.

What’s in the way of IT services fully embracing automation?

A lack of automation can be boiled down to two main roadblocks. The first—and easiest to overcome—is not having the skill set to build the automation. The second—and more difficult to overcome, but critical to reap the benefits of automation—is a lack of insight into what your people are doing and which tasks can be automated.

I’ve talked to a lot of business owners and about the standard operating procedures or their service definitions; in most cases they are be able to give me a high-level overview of what they think the service should be. Then I ask the delivery manager and engineer the same question, getting very different answers.

The key to success in any type of service delivery—especially in IT services—is consistency. Each customer who buys a specific service from you should receive the same experience and (hopefully) yield the same satisfaction—every single time. What can guarantee your approach is repeatable? Automation! After all, delivering a service with automation prevents deviation from your commands.

The road to automation

How do we get from unorganized service delivery to automated, standardized, and successful delivery? Start by identifying what services you offer and how you execute them. Does the execution match the service definition? Does every single engineer perform each single task within that service exactly the same way, and the best way?

Creating a service catalog for any IT service provider is key. If you don’t know what you sell and what the customer experience should be like, how can you be successful? When you inventory all your services, examine the whatwhy and how: What exactly the service offers, why it’s important to your business and to the customer, and how the service needs to be executed. When you have that catalog, detecting opportunities to automate certain actions and reduce human errors will begin to become more obvious.

This article is not meant to push every IT services provider to become an ITIL certified manager—although ITIL is an excellent framework to start with—but here are a few key points to think about to help you grow into the automated IT service provider space:

  • Design your service catalog, describe your services, identify how those services add value to you and your customers.
  • Operationalize your services, ensuring your delivery engineers know how each service should be executed consistently, and protect that standardization.
  • Improve your service, thinking about customer satisfaction, costs and time. Here is where automation comes in: Now you know what your delivery engineers are doing and can see how long it takes them, you can assess where automation makes sense.

A platform that can help on this journey

At BitTitan we’ve been empowering IT service professionals to successfully deploy and manage cloud technologies through automation for over a decade. Sign up for a FREE BitTitan account today to access our products and services.

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