Everything in One Place for Your Tenant-to-Tenant Migration

Everything in One Place for Your Tenant-to-Tenant Migration

In the past year, BitTitan has supported an increasing number of tenant-to-tenant migrations as companies implement plans to consolidate or segregate work groups. The reasons are varied, but not surprising: The culmination of long-planned IT projects, a proliferation of mergers and acquisitions, and a drive toward workplace modernization for increased collaboration and productivity.

A tenant-to-tenant migration is often one of the final components of a complex IT project, but that doesn’t mean it should be undertaken lightly. Users may not notice when the cutover experience is seamless – but they will certainly pay attention if it doesn’t go well. At BitTitan, we want you to be fully versed in the ins-and-outs of MigrationWiz so every migration is an unremarkable success.

The resources you need – at your fingertips

The first thing you need in order to assure a successful tenant-to-tenant migration is the MigrationWiz Tenant Migration Bundle. This is your key to securely migrating mailboxes, documents, and Teams between tenants. But before you embark on your migration, it may be worth your time to do a little homework. No need to search around for the latest knowledge – we’ve assembled it for you in our Tenant-to-Tenant Migration Kit.

Here’s what you’ll find in this one-stop resource:

  • Tenant migration videos – Quick, easy to follow summaries of Microsoft 365 and Enterprise tenant-to-tenant migration best practices.
  • White papers – In-depth information to help you plan your migration project.
  • Blog posts – Explore pertinent topics like coexistence, mergers and acquisitions, and best practices for MSPs.
  • Helpful articles – For specific guidance on executing different migration scenarios.

We encourage you to explore. While we’re confident that your choice of MigrationWiz will assure a successful migration, smart planning is your key to completing your project on time with minimal disruption.

How to use the kit

You may not need to tap every resource at once in the Tenant-to-Tenant Migration Kit, but once you familiarize yourself with what’s available, you’ve got support for whatever your need: Study up before embarking on a migration for the first time, or learn the specifics of the tenant-to-tenant scenario. You can also assign resources to team members so they can build their knowledge during the planning phases before a migration. You’ll also find helpful resources for communicating with your management team or clients – for example, having the discussion about free versus paid migration solutions.

Access our valuable and free toolkit today and get smarter about tenant-to-tenant migrations!

Access the Kit.

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