Get Your Mail Out of GoDaddy

Get Your Mail Out of GoDaddy

What’s up with GoDaddy? To be honest, we’re not completely sure. What we do know is we’re seeing more companies migrating their email away from GoDaddy, choosing instead to use self-managed or independent Microsoft 365 tenants.

This appears to be the result of a move by GoDaddy to “upgrade” their customers’ legacy Exchange and Office 365 contracts. Unfortunately, the new contracts are a bit of a shocker price-wise, and the significantly increased costs have motivated GoDaddy customers to…pick up and go.

Don’t feel stuck when it’s easy to migrate

GoDaddy has made a name for itself as the number one domain registrar in the U.S. In order to capitalize on that success, the company decided to add a number of related services, including email hosting. An initial price comparison can make GoDaddy’s Microsoft 365 offering seem quite attractive, but IT consultants like Ron Cervantes of C Solutions encourage companies to study the details closely.

Ron warns that Microsoft 365 solutions from GoDaddy come with limitations, including:

  • Limited features for companies with more than 10 users
  • Complicated and confusing billing
  • Lack of scalability crimping the ability to grow
  • Sign-in problems connected with the GoDaddy UI
  • Limited admin capabilities

Add to that the contract changes and unwelcome price increases, and many GoDaddy customers have decided they’re done. That’s how they wind up on the BitTitan doorstep, looking for a fast, easy, and secure way to migrate email to a new tenant.

If changes to GoDaddy – or any email hosting platform – make you want to “go” rather than stay, there’s a MigrationWiz Mailbox license with your name on it. Click the link below to get your license today.

Grab your license and go.

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