How Three Microsoft Partners Used Automation to Become Modern MSPs

How Three Microsoft Partners Used Automation to Become Modern MSPs

If you want to take your business to the next level it is essential to attach managed services to your offerings through automation. Learn how three Microsoft partners did just that and in the process became Modern MSPs.



How Three Microsoft partners used automation to become modern MSPs

"What's absolutely essential to attach managed services to your core offerings. When customers look at you a particularly SMBs; they're looking at you as knowing everything they know that they plug in for all they want to work and I think that being an MSP we can assist them with everything and really help them save money and best utilize their resources that they don't have to think about their IT."

~ Matt Ryrie - Betach Solutions Inc.

The automation has allowed us to take our business to a whole new level. So we talk about scale the modern partner needing scale in order to be profitable. It's only through automation and using automation tools that you can get that scale and that's allowed us to do that. So we've cut down our tech or engineer level 3 engineer time significantly through using these tools.

~ Aaron Leonard – Simple I.D.

So without enhancing offering evolving the customer through that journey of up-sell and cross-sell and to some extent adding a recurring managed service model to that; Re-sellers would struggle to become more viable. Our view is that automation when appropriate should be given to the users of the environment and not held back. Because that's an area that value to the customer and also we can make life easier to the re-seller to retain margin up-sells and cross cells of a dollar per seat per month items are very difficult to make money on it they have to have a phone call to actually activate.

Julian Dyer - Cobweb Solutions Ltd

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