Marketing Essentials for the Modern MSP, Part 1

Marketing Essentials for the Modern MSP, Part 1

As the new year approaches, are you thinking about how to modernize your sales and marketing efforts?

Saher Ghattas, a sales and marketing expert for MSPs, recently finished a six-part series for, MSP Marketing Essentials.

In our own dual posts, we'll highlight some of the key messages and considerations. Be sure to check out the full articles for more great information, and come back for the second installment!


Part 1: Assembling the Right Team

Read Part 1 in full here.

Modern marketing starts with "having the right people doing the right things, whether they’re in-house, an agency, or a combination of both." Here are five key roles and functions to consider:



  • Market analyst: Grasp a clear understanding of your target customer.



  • CRM manager: Build a bridge between sales and marketing.



  • Graphic designer: A "traditional marketing person" to give presence to your content.



  • Creative writer: Research, write, and maintain content strategy.



  • Marketing strategist: Oversee operations and find ways to close the product gap.




Part 2: Developing a Strategy

Read Part 2 in full here.

Your marketing strategy must align to thoughtful goals to "take your marketing department from costing money to making money."

To start, consider past challenges your organization has faced, your various customer personas, and what they're searching for when considering you as a solution. Lastly, be sure sales and marketing are in sync.


Part 3: Is Traditional Marketing Dead?

Read Part 3 in full here.

Marketing strategies and tactics of the past are no longer effective in today's technology market.

It's time to approach marketing differently, and this includes a stronger emphasis in a few areas: content creation and promotion; the journey of leads from awareness to action; and measuring successes to help you improve.



What's the overall theme here?

In a nutshell: The digital era has transformed how buyers consume information and make decisions. Your marketing efforts need to change, too.

This mandates two major changes: first, to accept and make a shift in specialties, building the high-performing marketing team today's market demands; secondly, to ditch traditional methods and update your marketing approach around inbound marketing tactics.

Pro tip: Another great resource for learning about inbound marketing is Hubspot. Check it out!

Stay tuned, our second installment is just around the corner!

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