Marketing Essentials for the Modern MSP, Part 2

Marketing Essentials for the Modern MSP, Part 2

This is the second installment of our marketing essentials recap for the modern MSP, looking at the final three of six articles by Saher Ghattas from Read our first post here.

In our last post, we looked a lot at the marketing organization in terms of specialties and alignment with sales. We were pretty focused on the people aspects of the modern marketer; today's post will shift more to process.


Part 4: Taking Action on Leads

Read Part 4 in full here.

An inbound marketing strategy will help you attract and educate customers on their journey from inquiry to sale. Use the following steps to get leads through your inbound marketing funnel:



  • Plan your strategy—from goals and budget to tactics and content.



  • Create content, including an SEO-optimized website.



  • Distribute your message through various channels like email, social media, and advertising.



  • Capture and then analyze leads through segmentation and tracking lead sources.



  • Cultivate leads throughout their journey.



  • Convert propsects to customers.




Part 5: Deciding on the Right System

Read Part 5 in full here.

A well-oiled Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can save your marketing team money by increasing efficiency. But it's not just about finding the right tool. There is a more crucial message here: "Poor sales and marketing alignment makes it too easy for leads to be lost or marked as dead."

This is where process is key—not just developing the process, but communicating it well. A successful bridge between marketing and sales ensures more leads are qualified and handed off without your business missing out on any opportunities.

Part 6: Creating Useful Content

Read Part 6 in full here.

Good content strategy goes beyond creating lots of content. In fact, it's better to have fewer, targeted pieces than a massive library of information. It's not entirely about readability or relevance, either; you need to be sure the right people are accessing the right content and hearing the messages meant for them.

When it comes to promotion strategy, you don't always need to focus on paid efforts. There are plenty of ways to get creative and increase the reach and readership of your content without paid promotions. Sometimes this means exploring multiple channels and thinking creatively about how to recycle the same message in various formats and outlets.


What next?

In lockstep with a modern sales and marketing strategy, you'll want to optimize your cost of customer acquisition. This is crucial for building recurring revenue for your business. Learn more about that here.

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