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Modern Authentication Setup: Mailbox Migration Video

New Video Tutorial: Tenant-to-Tenant Migration with Modern Authentication

People keep coming back to MigrationWiz for its ease of use and customizable features. Something else MigrationWiz gets points for is our online documentation and product education. Sure, MigrationWiz can be grab-and-go for a simple mailbox migration. But when you’re planning something more complex, it’s good to have information at your fingertips to walk you through an unfamiliar scenario. That’s why we’re introducing a series of no-fluff video tutorials that provide easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

In our first video, one of our experts shows you how to use MigrationWiz for a Microsoft 365 tenant-to-tenant migration with Modern Authentication. You can follow along screen-by-screen as the video takes you through:

Setting up service accounts: Turning off multi-factor authentication (MFA), verifying that it’s disabled, and using conditional access.

Registering a new Modern Authentication application: Includes how to request API permissions, setting up the application permission for the source tenant using PowerShell, and how to make sure you have the latest version of PowerShell installed.

Creating a project and verifying of credentials: Setting up a new customer profile by entering the source and destination. How to provide credentials using your MigrationWiz login and use Advanced Options to get tenant IDs. The video also gives tips for keeping syntax correct by pasting from the Help Desk article.

Testing: Implementing a simple test to make sure the migration is correctly configured and won’t fail when executed.

We’re creating these new videos to make sure you have the information and confidence to perform a seamless migration, even if the scenario is new to you. You can use them to learn about specific MigrationWiz use cases, brush up if it’s been a while since your last migration, or train members of your team. The format is easy to follow, and you can even pause and go back to make sure every step is clear.

Having a great migration tool is one thing. At BitTitan we also want to make sure you have everything you need to use it confidently – so you can make every project look easy. Check out the Modern Authentication Setup – Mailbox Migration video and stay tuned for additional tutorials coming your way soon.

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