ModernMSP: Attach Managed Services

ModernMSP: Attach Managed Services

A ModernMSP is always looking for more sustainable and adaptive solutions that can transform their business. Don’t get stuck in the past by simply reselling. Learn how to attach managed services that will build long term relationships with your customers.

ModernMSP - Attach Managed Services

People who just resell products, you know - lose vision of what's coming in the future,right? If they're selling a product that's great today doesn't mean it's the same product going to be great tomorrow. A modern MSP someone who's looking for something more sustainable, something that's adaptive solutions that are able to transform with the business.

~Enrique Castrellon - New Signature

It would seem bizarre to me that anyone would sell a license without wrapping a managed service around it. Because you're effectively competing against Microsoft themselves. You're giving your customers away to Microsoft and you're walking away from them. Keep the relationship and keep the relationship ongoing and that is the way that the industry is moving.

~Aaron Leonard - Simple I.D.

It's absolutely essential to attach managed services to your offerings. When customers look at you a particularly SMBs, they're looking at you as as knowing everything. They know that they plug into all they want to work and I think that being an MSP we can assist them with everything and really help them save money and best utilize their resources that they don't have to think about their IT.

~Matt Ryrie - Betach Solutions Inc.

Traditional way of some people could feel that the right path the trusted part was done this all along. But there has been a big shift and it's quite monumental in our industry and and it's get on board or wear the consequences

~Aaron Leonard - Simple I.D.

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