ModernMSP: Migration is just the Beginning

ModernMSP: Migration is just the Beginning

Are you just doing migrations and stopping there? If so, you are missing out on valuable opportunities to make the cloud profitable. Modern MSPs increase customer lifetime value by driving consumption and adoption within the cloud - and you should be doing that, too! Get up to speed by watching this video:



ModernMSP - Migration Is Just The Beginning

The modern MSP to New Signature really is "forward thinking" with our clients. It doesn't stop by just moving them to the cloud. it's what they do when they're in the cloud.

~Mark Pierce - New Signature

As it's more about driving consumption and adoption. Because you know it's one thing to just have email and using the cloud that's pretty paltry usage at this point. Your end-users need to know they have those tools.

~Chris Lehr - Strategic Products & Services

If you look at office 365 and what we're seeing in our market is that this still a lot of people that purchase the product. But they only really using one component of it; and as we start to attach services we start to see a growth in terms of our revenue because that's where we traditionally make money.

~Charles Lalieu - Business Connexion Group

It's always evolving, first off. Anytime in your business, you find a way to improve it. If you're not then you're missing the mark.

~Chris Lehr - Strategic Products & Services

I think a modern partner needs to look at the technology that's available in the market today and how that be serves our customer. In addition to that, They need to ensure their customer gets their lifetime value out of the solutions and gets repeatable support with low friction. So it's a brave new world for a lot of us; as we get our head under it but it's full of opportunity.

~Brendon Ford - Provoke Solutions

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